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September 19, 2022

15 Seconds at a Time: Undergraduate Research Program [video]

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Photo of Sophie Pierszalowski

In this video, Undergraduate Research Program Director Sophie Pierszalowski takes on the challenge of explaining the Undergraduate Research Program in less than 15 seconds at a time. “15 Seconds at a Time” is a series in which various Undergraduate Academic Affairs programs explain their work in bite-sized bursts.

September 9, 2022

Creating your UW academic adventure

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Image of trees with fall colors and students walking through the Quad.

Editor’s note: This story is not meant to be read straight through. Read a section, make your choice and see what part of your academic adventure unfolds next. 1 It’s your first quarter at the UW! You feel very motivated and excited by the possibilities of a big university and living on your own for…

August 9, 2022

15 Seconds at a Time: The CELE Center [video]

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Video still of Fran Lo

In this video, CELE Center Executive Director Francesca Lo takes on the challenge of explaining the UW Community Engagement Center and Leadership Education (CELE) Center in less than 15 seconds at a time.

July 14, 2022

A pathway with promise

Danielle Marie Holland

Photo of Lily Peterson outdoors

As reported by The Seattle Times, in the news conference Taylor “likened it to a relay race, with the batons passed smoothly from high schools to community colleges and then to the UW.” The baton was passed to the UW as the partnership officially launched September 2021. The first cohort of participants in the Path…

June 7, 2022

Honors Director Vicky Lawson prepares for next adventure

Interview by Danielle Marie Holland

Photo of Ed Taylor, Vicky Lawson and Tina Ragen.

Lawson is past president of the Association of American Geographers and former chair of the Department of Geography. Having worked across South and North America on informal economies, women’s work and poverty, her classes focus on the intersections of poverty, inequality and feminist care ethics. In addition to her leadership in the Honors Program, she…

May 23, 2022

Stephanie Smallwood named director of Honors Program

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Portrait of Stephanie Smallwood standing outside

The University Honors Program, now celebrating its 60th birthday, serves as an academic core of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, bringing students and faculty from every corner of campus together for original learning opportunities focused on collaborative, cross-disciplinary curriculum, experiential learning, research and critical reflection. In the past eight years under the direction of geography professor and…

February 17, 2022

Celebrating the 2020–21 Undergraduate Medalists

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Image of president's medal

From the thousands of undergraduate students at the University of Washington, three are selected each year for the prestigious President’s Medalist Award. Piper Coyner, Olivia Brandon and Catherine Chia are the medalists for 2020–21, selected by a committee for their high GPAs, rigor of classes and numbers of Honors courses. All three are students in…

February 9, 2022

15 Seconds at a Time: The Resilience Lab [video]

Ian Teodoro

Video still of Megan Kennedy

In this video, UW Resilience Lab Director Megan Kennedy takes on the challenge of explaining the Resilience Lab in less than 15 seconds at a time.

November 10, 2021

Connecting, belonging, being well: Across UAA, programs welcome back students

Jenelle Birnbaum

Photo of 15 student first-year network leaders posing with the signs identifying the network they are facilitating.

Student well-being is top of mind as programs across Undergraduate Academic Affairs are welcoming back our students. This work involves building community so students feel connected and a sense of belonging. It’s recognizing and addressing the increased stresses students may be experiencing as a result of the pandemic and the transition back to in-person learning….

October 5, 2021

Welcome to campus, we belong together

Ed Taylor

Photo of Ed Taylor

We belong together. I made that statement at this year’s New Student Convocation, an annual event filled with academic flourishes to mark the beginning of a student’s university journey. This year’s event was decidedly different and intentionally formatted for public safety. We are still trying to emerge from a pandemic, after all, so this year’s…

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