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Recipients of UAA Staff Recognition Awards

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Debbie McGhee Award for Excellence

The Debbie McGhee Award for Excellence is presented to a current UAA staff member who has substantially advanced our mission to be a “catalyst and advocate for excellence and innovation” and who fully embodies our values: collaboration, compassion, curiosity, equity, integrity and transformative learning. This award represents the highest accolade we bestow upon one another as we celebrate those who lead the way for all of us to continuously strive to do our best work and be our best selves.

Between 1999 and 2019, 38 individuals received the recognition under its former name, the Award for Excellence. It was renamed to honor the memory of Debbie McGhee, a beloved colleague who passed away between the time she was nominated for the award and the event at which it was presented to her in June of 2019. Read more about Debbie here.

Francesca Lo 2020 Community Engagement and Leadership Education (CELE) Center
Debbie McGhee 2019 Office of Educational Assessment
Lisa Bruce 2018 Student-Athlete Academic Services
Josh Gibbs 2018 Information Technology
Aley Mills Willis 2017 Honors Program
Kathryn Pursch Cornforth 2017 Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center
Josh Lin 2016 Center for Experiential Learning & Diversity
Deborah Smith 2015 Office of Educational Assessment
Mona Pitre-Collins 2015 Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowship & Awards
Rachel Vaughn 2014 Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center
Maren Halvorsen 2014 Robinson Center for Young Scholars
Sharon Minton 2013 Office of Educational Assessment
Tracy Nyerges 2013 Undergraduate Research Program
Kirsten Atik 2012 Dean’s Office
Michaelann Jundt 2011 Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center
Nana Lowell 2011 Office of Educational Assessment
Jodene Davis 2010 Mary Gates Endowment for Students
Kay Balston 2010 Undergraduate Advising
Jennifer Harris 2009 Undergraduate Research Program
Brook Kelly 2009 Honors Program
Joanna Loss 2008 Office of Educational Assessment
Ray Carlsen 2008 Classroom Support Services
Janice DeCosmo 2007 Center for Experiential Learning & Diversity
Julie Villegas 2007 Honors Program
Beret Kischner 2006 Undergraduate Advising
Ellen Mosolf 2006 Robinson Center for Young Scholars
Miriam Goldstein 2006 Office of Educational Assessment
Christine Stickler 2005 Pipeline Project
Jason Johnson 2004 First Year Programs
Janet Kime 2004 Undergraduate Advising
Cathy Beyer 2003 Office of Educational Assessment
Donald Zongker 2003 Classroom Support Services
Ken Etzkorn 2002 Dean’s Office
Dick Newcomb 2001 Undergraduate Advising
Jerry Gillmore 2001 Office of Educational Assessment
Ran Hennes 2001 Honors Program
Dick Simkins 2000 Undergraduate Advising Center
Pat Wrobel 1999 Dean’s Office
Patrick Roberts 1999 Classroom Support Services

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Leadership Awards

The Leadership Awards were inaugurated in 2020. They are presented to UAA staff who have exemplified UAA values within the past year. Eligible employees include part-time, temporary, student staff and interns as well as teams. Any nominations that demonstrate how a staff member or team has embodied and modeled a specific UAA value in their work will be recognized.

Daniel Barkley Collaboration 2020 First Year Programs
Jessica Hunnicutt Batten Equity 2020 Dream Project
Jenelle Birnbaum Collaboration 2020 Office of the Dean
Sarah Bishop Collaboration 2020 Pipeline Project
Anna Bloch Curiosity 2020 Office of the Dean
Nesley Bravo Transformative Learning 2020 Dream Project
Kelly Chapman Collaboration 2020 Honors Program
Kathryn Pursch Cornforth Transformative Learning 2020 Community Engaged Learning Courses

Undergradute Community Based Internships

Jodene Davis Transformative Learning 2020 Office of the Dean
Meghan Gescher Transformative Learning 2020 Community Engagement and Leadership Education (CELE) Center
Claire Grant Collaboration 2020 Honors Program
Carlos Guillen Curiosity 2020 First Year Programs
Kathryn Higgins Equity 2020 Robinson Center for Young Scholars
Sylvie Lapointe Collaboration 2020 Community Engagement and Leadership Education (CELE) Center

Office of Educational Assessment

Allie Lilley Curiosity 2020 Center for Experiential Learning & Diversity

Office of the Dean

Eric Lopez Compassion 2020 Dream Project
Selam Misgano Collaboration 2020 Othello-UW Commons
Andrew (Andy) Pace Compassion 2020 Dream Project
Donna Pham Curiosity 2020 Community Engaged Learning Courses
Rosa E. Ramirez Compassion and Equity 2020 Community Engagement and Leadership Education (CELE) Center

Student Academic Services

Meghan Robinson Transformative Learning 2020 Jumpstart
Sala Lina Sataraka Compassion and Equity 2020 Jumpstart
Caroline Shelton Collaboration 2020 Office for Youth Programs Development and Support
Danielle Greiner Shenk Collaboration 2020 Undergraduate Advising
Christine stickler Integrity 2020 Pipeline Project
Micah Trapp Collaboration 2020 Office of the Dean
Katie Wallace Curiosity and Integrity 2020 Undergraduate Community Based Internships
Josh Gibbs and Henry Lui Compassion 2020 UAA IT Team
Jeamel Alday, Juandalyn Burke, Jennifer Harris, Qanani Khalil, Faith Nyakundi, Daisy Parra-Padilla and Jessica E. Salvador Transformative Learning 2020 Undergraduate Research Symposium Team

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Distinguished Partner Award

The Distinguished Partner Award recognizes a colleague, program or department whose collaborations with Undergraduate Academic Affairs have made significant advances in the University of Washington’s undergraduate academic experience. These collaborations enhance, enrich and deepen the undergraduate experience. The reciprocity of these relationships benefits undergraduates and the broader campus community.

The Office of the University Registrar and Enrollment Information Services 2020
Mary Gates Hall Custodial Team: Desidero De Castro, Maria Devaney, Joe Lo, Zenaida Pagdilao, Emebet Sefara, Cassk Thomas, Robert Thompson, Seare Zerom 2019
Leilani Lewis and Jeanette James 2018
Office of Regional & Community Relations 2018
University of Washington Police Department 2017
wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ–Intellectual House 2016
Student-Athlete Academic Services 2015
Division of Student Life 2014
Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity 2013
The Graduate School 2012

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Retired awards

Ourstanding Achievement Award 1999-2019

The Outstanding Achievement Award was presented from 1999–2019 to individuals or teams who made outstanding contributions to Undergraduate Academic Affairs. The award honors a particular accomplishment, project or contribution made during the previous three years.

Carissa Mayer 2019 Honors Program
Emily Smith 2019 Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards
Raquel Chavez, Luda Kourenina, Trevor Leffler, Joanna Loss and Debbie McGhee 2018 IASystem Team, Office of Educational Assessment
Nermine Botros, Kelly Chapman, Sylvie Lapointe, Kim Lee, Chloe Mahar, Christine Muongchanh, Nanette Rosenthal, Iryna Schmidt and Enzhong (Mark) Wu 2018 UAA Workday Transition Team
Ali Albrecht 2017 First Year Programs
Carey Christie 2017 Honors Program
Brook Kelly & Ryan Luk 2016 Honors Program
Donna Sharp, Donna Netz, Christina Kerr, Dan Poux, Joslin Boroughs, and Leslie Ikeda 2016 UAA Advising Transfer Team
Anne Browining 2015 Academic Support Programs
Kathryn Pursch Cornforth & David Hlebein 2014 Carlson Center’s service-learning team
Ryan Hursh 2013 Classroom Support Services
Wendy Durant 2012 Honors Program
Rod Davis 2011 Classroom Support Services
Laura Harrington 2011 Honors Program
Robin Chang 2010 Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowship and Awards
Ryan Luk 2010 Honors Program
Tim Batzel & Eric Barnum 2009 Classroom Support Services
Aley Willis 2008 Honors Program
Jennifer Stock 2008 Undergraduate Advising
Peg Cheng 2008 Undergraduate Advising
Brad Bell 2007 Classroom Support Services
Francesca Lo 2007 Pipeline Project
Kirsten Atik, Jodene Davis, Aly Vander Stoep 2007 Mary Gates Endowment 10-year Anniversary Team
Michelle Hall 2006 Program on the Environment
David Aldrich, Brad Bell, Tim Batzel IT team 2006 Classroom Support Services
Cynthia Caci 2005 Undergraduate Advising
Linda Kemnitzer & Patrick Roberts 2005 Classroom Support Services
Jason Boyd 2004 Undergraduate Advising
Terry Rustan 2004 Program on the Environment
Thomas Dicken 2004 Classroom Support Services
Beret Kischner 2003 Undergraduate Advising
Mona Pitre-Collins 2003 Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowship and Awards
Nichole Fazio 2003 Undergraduate Research Program & Scholarship Office
Alyson Boyd 2002 Classroom Support Services
Jeanne Bayer 2002 Honors Program
Jennifer Dow 2001 Dean’s Office
Roberta Hopkins 2001 Classroom Support Services
Michelle Hutchinson 2000 Dean’s Office
Nancy Hines 2000 Classroom Support Services
Carole Hsiao 1999 Dean’s Office
Meg Estep 1999 New Student Programs/First Year Programs


Outstanding Student Employee Award 1999-2019

The Outstanding Student Employee Award was presented from 1999–2019 to UAA student employees who made outstanding contributions to Undergraduate Academic Affairs. Student staff members are highly valued and absolutely critical to advancing UAA’s mission.

Student staff are eligible, along with other UAA staff members, for the Leadership Awards beginning in 2020.

Salem Abraha 2019 Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity, Mary Gates Endowment for Students
Danya Clevenger 2019 Carlson Center
Makayla Dorn 2019 Student Academic Services, Undergraduate Advising
Annie Lewis 2018 Undergraduate Advising & Academic Support Programs
Ann Margaret Stompro 2018 Pipeline Project
Chungeun (Chloe) Lee 2017 Robinson Center
Bryan Nakata 2017 Dean’s Office
Sera Wang & Julie Loh 2016 CLUE front desk managers
Mitchell Harper 2015 Dream Project
Juliana Borges & Malika Garoui 2015 Undergraduate Advising: Senior Peer Advising Team
Noopur Gupta 2014 Dream Project
Brett Jaspers 2014 Undergraduate Advising
Janelle White 2013 Honors
Devan Berkley 2013 First Year Programs
Tuyen Nguyen 2012 Honors Program
Rebecca Anderson & Matt Plotkin 2012 Classroom Support Services
Martha Chan 2011 First Year Programs
Jamie Lee 2011 Carlson Center
Mikki Kressbach 2010 Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards
Bayle Conrad & Marlee Mukai 2010 Student Technology Fee leads
Jacob Caylor 2010 Honors Program
Matt Dela Cruz 2009 Gateway Center
Laura Harrington 2009 Honors Program
Gavin Campbell 2009 Robinson Center
Claire Fraczek 2009 Pipeline Project
Michelle Burce 2008 Honors Program
Jill Salo & Dave Nutting 2008 Classroom Support Services
Jessica Salvador 2008 Undergraduate Research Program
Natelie Moretz 2007 Robinson Center
Emily James 2007 CLUE/ASP
Chelsea McPherson 2007 First Year Programs
Raquel Chavez 2006 Office of Educational Assessment
Elizabeth Perrigue 2006 Classroom Support Services
Devon Smith 2006 First Year Programs
Jean Chau 2005 First Year Programs
Alison Johnston 2005 CLUE
Terry Schenold 2004 Undergraduate Research Program
Molly Boyajian 2004 Gateway Center
Anne Grant 2004 First Year Programs
Amanda Burrows 2004 Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity
Venus Azimi 2003 Undergraduate Advising?
Sunaro Prom 2003 Dean’s Office
Courtney Fuller, Emily Shank, Adam Stauffer, Matt Strople 2003 Classroom Support Services: Laptop & Data Projector Loan Program Team
Emily Augenstein, Lisa Lurie, Toan Tran 2003 Program on the Environment Student Team
Mandy Strange 2002 Classroom Support Services
Katie Boyajian 2002 Gateway Center
Rachel Hagen 2001 Classroom Support Services
Brenda Coulson 2001 Gateway Center
Tamara Cutler 2000 Classroom Support Services
Kristen Rudlang 2000 Dean’s Office
Kelly May Kirkland 2000 New Student Programs (First Year Programs)
Joel Leshefka 2000 Program on the Environment/Carlson Center
Maret Kane 1999 Undergraduate Scholarship Office (OMSFA)
Jen Ainslie 1999 New Student Programs/First Year Programs
Courtney Moran 1999 Classroom Support Services
Siw Bay-Hansen & Doug Waugh 1999 Undergraduate Advising Center