Undergraduate Academic Affairs

November 10, 2022

15-seconds at a time: Academic Support Programs [video]

Undergraduate Academic Affairs


In this video, Academic Support Programs Director Ryan Burt takes on the challenge of explaining Academic Support Programs in less than 15 seconds at a time. “15 Seconds at a Time” is a series in which different Undergraduate Academic Affairs programs explain their work in bite-sized bursts.

Academic Support Programs, located at the UW in Mary Gates Hall, provides a space for all UW undergraduate students to be included, challenged and supported in their educational journey. An academic home away from home, Academic Support Programs offers peer-to-peer programs and services include tutoring and coaching, as well as connections to other academic support programs across campus.

Academic Support Programs’ resources are available to you online and in person. Academic coaching is available through the day into the evening, CLUE tutoring on evenings and online appointments can be made at academicsupport.uw.edu. CLUE tutors cover a wide range of majors including: math, physics, political science, chemistry, public health, English, social work, statistics, economics and more. Visit Academic Support Programs to learn more about scheduling with one of their amazing student coaches and tutors.

Produced by: Ian Teodoro and Kirsten Atik
Edited by: Ian Teodoro
Thanks to: Ryan Burt