Undergraduate Academic Affairs

September 19, 2022

15 Seconds at a Time: Undergraduate Research Program [video]

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

In this video, Undergraduate Research Program Director Sophie Pierszalowski takes on the challenge of explaining the Undergraduate Research Program in less than 15 seconds at a time.

“15 Seconds at a Time” is a series in which various Undergraduate Academic Affairs programs explain their work in bite-sized bursts.

The Undergraduate Research Program in the Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity facilitates research experiences for students in all academic disciplines across the University of Washington through advising, initiatives and other resources. Program staff ensure that all students who want to enrich their education with a research experience have the tools, support and resources to expand their academic experiences.

Learn more about the Undergraduate Research Program.

Produced by: Ian Teodoro and Kirsten Atik
Edited by: Ian Teodoro
Thanks to: Sophie Pierszalowski

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