Legislative District 47

UW community members are living and working in districts across Washington state. Here's how we are making an impact in your neck of the woods.

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"UW made me a professional and a stronger independent Muslim woman who never let my rights be taken away from me. In my home country, I overcame violence, unsupportive community, unaccepting classroom environments, discouragement from pursuing a career in medicine and biases against women. These hardships didn’t stop me from thriving in higher education. UW allowed me to turn from failure into a neuroscience researcher, community leader, language facilitator, a motivator and inspiration to others."
Maryam Al DarrajiB.S.: Biomedical Sciences; 2022 Husky 100 member
"I am truly grateful to have found people at UW who put all their effort and energy into decolonizing academia and revolutionizing research methodology by shifting the paradigm to incorporate the philosophy of community-led research. In Somali, we say, Af jooga looma adeego, which roughly translates to “one should not speak on behalf of another.” Therefore, listen to the community and their stories because they are here, they are powerful, and they will elicit change."
Sumaya MohamedM.P.H.: Global Health, Ph.D.: Sociocultural Anthropology; 2021 Husky 100 member

"As the daughter of Somali immigrants, I strive to amplify the voices of marginalized communities. As a future physician and researcher, I look forward to applying the knowledge and skills I’ve gained in advocacy, health education, and the School of IAS to promote health equity among refugee and immigrant communities. My UW experience has allowed me to foster mentorships across the UW campuses, helping me to explore my passion for research and community engagement."
Nasra MohamedB.A.: Environmental Studies; 2022 Husky 100 member


The UW facilitates hundreds of programs in communities across the state. Below are a few that operate in your district. Programs active as of January 2023.


Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) is a federal grant program providing middle and high school students from low-income families in south King County with the support they need to access and succeed in college. Beginning in sixth and seventh grades, 4,300 students participate in GEAR UP for seven years. The program helps students enter STEM fields, offering support through tutoring, mentoring, financial aid instruction, college and educational field trips, teacher professional development and parent empowerment.

Young Executives of Color

Young Executives of Color (YEOC) is a nine-month college pipeline program hosted by the UW’s Michael G. Foster School of Business. YEOC focuses on engaging high school students of color in a comprehensive curriculum that includes college preparation, professional development, business lectures and powerful mentorship. The program, which is free to students, currently serves 190 students from over 75 high schools around Washington state.


UW INSPIRE supports western Washington educators of pre-K through 12th grade with reciprocal research-practice partnerships, focusing on student thinking and giving educators the opportunity to learn alongside children, improving instruction and student achievement. Fueled by innovative local educators at all levels of the public-school system and supported by local philanthropists and individual donors, INSPIRE is coordinated by a team of faculty, staff and graduate students at the UW College of Education.

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN), a partnership between the University of Oregon and the University of Washington, is dedicated to reducing impacts of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Washington and Oregon by providing accurate and timely information about earthquakes and ground motions to scientists, engineers, planners and the public. The second-largest seismic network in the United States, PNSN has more than 300 seismograph stations as well as several offices and personnel across the region.


  • Sen. Claudia Kauffman (D),
    Sen. Claudia Kauffman (D)

    Sen. Claudia Kauffman (D)

  • Rep. Debra Entenman (D),
    Rep. Debra Entenman (D)

    Rep. Debra Entenman (D)

  • Rep. Chris Stearns (D),
    Rep. Chris Stearns (D)

    Rep. Chris Stearns (D)