Legislative District 4

UW community members are living and working in districts across Washington state. Here's how we are making an impact in your neck of the woods.

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"During my time at the UW, I have been able to thrive as an engineer and gain hands-on knowledge outside the classroom, which will serve me in pushing the human boundaries of space exploration. I serve as the Chief Engineer for the Society for Advanced Rocket Propulsion (SARP), and I use my experiences to mentor other students and participate in local STEM outreach. The UW has empowered me to reach beyond aerospace and also pursue my passions for environmental studies and playing the cello."
Cat HannahsAeronautics & Astronautics; 2021 Husky 100 member

"Being part of the UDub community has been a major blessing for me in my first year of college. I’ve grown in many ways with the help of TAs and my fraternity brothers. My general responsibility and diligence have had to increase because of the workload, but many resources available to me through the school have elevated me to be able to handle college life."
Kyle MangumMathematics
I frequently remember my sister coming home to tearfully speak of her loneliness, as she sat alone at lunch everyday while tormented by her condition and social pressures. I realized this isolation was not a rare occurrence. Knowing the cripplingly harsh effect it had on my sister and the damage it could cause to other students, I was motivated to prevent isolation from continuing. Junior year, I gathered a group of trustworthy friends and created “No Student Eats Alone”. While eating with fellow students, our mission is to eliminate isolation and build relationships. I have since become more attentive to the struggles of other students, and eager to do anything to help.
Jacob Barnhart2019 Presidential Scholar


The UW facilitates hundreds of programs in communities across the state. Below are a few that operate in your district. Programs active as of January 2021.

WWAMI–Medical Education in Spokane

The UW School of Medicine program in Spokane is partnering with Gonzaga University to house health-science programs in the Spokane & Inland Empire Railroad (SIERR) building as well as the new Health Partnership building in Spokane. The new facility will include expanded classrooms for lectures and small-group teaching, an anatomy lab, space for additional faculty, and student study and counseling areas. Part of WWAMI, the School of Medicine’s program in Spokane makes medical education and training more accessible across eastern Washington.

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN), a partnership between the University of Oregon and the University of Washington, is dedicated to reducing impacts of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Washington and Oregon by providing accurate and timely information about earthquakes and ground motions to scientists, engineers, planners and the public. The second-largest seismic network in the United States, PNSN has more than 300 seismograph stations as well as several offices and personnel across the region.


  • Senator Mike Padden (R),
    Senator Mike Padden (R)

    Senator Mike Padden (R)

  • Representative Bob McCaslin (R),
    Representative Bob McCaslin (R)

    Representative Bob McCaslin (R)

  • Representative Rob Chase (R),
    Representative Rob Chase (R)

    Representative Rob Chase (R)