State Relations

January 26, 2018

President Cauce Visits Olympia & Additional Highlights

In addition to the passage of the final 17-19 capital budget last Friday, weeks 2 and 3 of the 2018 legislative session has had the following highlights:

President Cauce Visits Olympia

On Tuesday, January 16 President Ana Mari Cauce made her first visit to Olympia for the 2018 legislative session. In the continued effort to champion the University’s legislative priorities, she met with Governor Jay Inslee and legislators in both the Senate and House. President Cauce also had the opportunity to meet and engage with UW students who are currently serving as interns for the session. Her visit concluded at the Council of Presidents (COP) reception. As COP Chair, President Cauce gave a warm welcome to all attendees as well as connected with other university presidents, higher education leaders, stakeholders, and advocates.

AMC with Interns 2018

Committee Hearings for Regents

On the same day, the confirmation hearings of Regents Joel Benoliel and Jaron Goddard in the Senate Higher Education & Workforce Development committee occurred. As a part of the process, Regents Benoliel and Goddard provided opening statements about their commitments to service to the UW as well as answered questions asked by members of the committee.  Both were unanimously confirmed and our team couldn’t be more proud of Regents Benoliel and Goddard for their leadership. To watch the hearing, click here.Regents Confirmation 1-18-18

Legislative Testimony Highlight

In week 2, Ian Goodhew, Director of Government Relations for UW Medicine in partnership with Washington State University (WSU) testified in support of HB 2443 to add WSU’s college of medicine to the family medicine network in the House Health Care & Wellness committee. In case you missed it, click here to check out the hearing of the bill.

UW and WSU Testimony

UW-Tacoma Advisory Board Day

Yesterday, Chancellor Pagano and members of the UW-Tacoma Advisory Board met with key legislators in the Senate and House to advocate for further support of the University’s tuition fund split request as well as funding for a UW-Tacoma pre-law program.

UWT Advisory Board Pic 1

Heading into week 4, we’re rapidly approaching policy cutoff on Friday, February 2. We’ll continue to keep you updated on key events and the progress of our agenda.

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