State Relations

December 12, 2008

Some sad news from Olympia

House leaders have announced that longtime State Rep. Bill Grant of Walla Walla has been diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer. In addition to serving on the Appropriations and Rules Committees, Rep. Grant was the majority caucus chair — his frequent announcements of a “There will be a Democratic Caucus immediately,” are well-known to even casual viewers of House floor action on TVW.

According to Grant’s announcement:

“I understand there are many different stories circulating around the campus concerning my absence and thought I should send you ‘the facts’.

“After recommendation from my hometown doctor, I came to Seattle to undergo a lung biopsy. The procedure is over and the diagnosis I received is a rare form of lung cancer. (The oncologist sees only two or three cases a year.) Although these are not the results I had hoped for, the good news is I have been released from the hospital and am heading home to discuss my treatment options. “Hopefully, this will answer your questions. I thank you all for your concerns and would appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers directed my way.”

Bill Grant

Rep. Grant has served in the House for 22 years and was just elected to another term. We wish him all the best.