Training Options

The Violence Prevention & Response Training is now a virtual, live Zoom training. Please see the calendar below to register for a Zoom training session. If you are interested in a tailored training for your department/program (groups), please see the section below. 

SafeCampus provides in-person and virtual training and online resources to support violence prevention and response at the UW. We believe that training is one vital component toward creating a safe and supportive UW community. Please see below for descriptions of the different types of training available including Violence Prevention & Response, Tailored Department/Program, EPIC, & Remote.

Violence Prevention & Response Training

SafeCampus provides training to all UW staff, faculty, and students. We are currently hosting all training virtually in accordance with UW guidance regarding social-distancing due to COVID-19. All new employees are asked to attend this training as soon as they are able.

Training Description: During this interactive training, we ask participants to consider their unique role in preventing violence at the UW. We explore warning signs of different forms of violence and discuss workplace violence, relationship violence, sexual harassment, stalking, and suicide. We will expand your toolkit of response strategies by briefly practicing bystander intervention techniques and building your understanding of campus resources.

Questions: Please email if you have any questions. If you have any technical issues, please reach out to UW IT at

Requirements: All new employees are required to attend the SafeCampus training.

Verification of Completion: SafeCampus will send verification via email of your completion within 2-5 business days.

To register for a training: Select a training date below. It will route you to a Zoom registration for that date.

Department/Program Training

Department/Program Training

Please fill out the waitlist below if you are interested in SafeCampus contacting you to offer a tailored training. 

Training for staff, faculty, or student employee communities is especially effective because it allows participants to think about violence prevention in the context of each group’s unique academic setting.

Department and Program Training Options

  1. Violence Prevention and Response: During this interactive training, we ask participants to consider their unique role in preventing violence at UW. We will explore warning signs of different forms of violence, including workplace violence, relationship violence, sexual harassment, stalking, and suicide. We will expand your toolkit of response strategies by briefly practicing bystander intervention techniques and building your understanding of campus resources. We can tailor this training to fit the unique needs of your workgroup or department.
  2. Building Healthy Workplaces: Community Prevention Strategies & Bystander Skills: This session will share prevention strategies that you can use to create a workplace that inhibits harassment and violence from occurring. We’ll focus on community strategies you can apply in your workplace and on individual skill-building. Participants will practice the skills of bystander intervention, micro-affirmations, calling in/out, and receiving feedback. We will discuss supporting survivors and resources available at UW.
    1. Version 1: Emphasis: Sexual harassment and gender discrimination
    2. Version 2: Emphasis: Gender-based violence, including relationship violence, stalking, and sexual harassment
  3. Tailored training: SafeCampus also develops topic-focused and tailored training for UW workgroups and departments. Topics have included domestic violence in the workplace, stalking in the workplace, domestic violence, and its impacts on children and youth, domestic violence and mandated reporting, and bystander intervention in health-care settings. If the training you’re looking for is not listed, feel free to complete our training request form to find out if we can develop training for you.

Tailored Training Request Form

EPIC - Graduate Student/Academic Student Employees/Postdoctoral Scholars Training

EPIC – Graduate Student/Academic Student Employee/Postdoctoral Scholars Training

EPIC: Empowering Prevention & Inclusive Communities: Prevention of Sexual Harassment & Gender Discrimination — This training is tailored to the unique roles of academic student employees (ASE’s) and postdoctoral scholars at the UW. We’ll discuss how individuals can create prevention-focused culture change in academia. We’ll examine sexual harassment and discrimination and its impacts, provide space for individual and community skill-building and discuss supporting those who experience harassment. Trainings will be tailored to individual departments, workplaces, and graduate students, undergraduate students, and postdoc communities.

EPIC currently offers two trainings, if you have never attended an EPIC training please register for the 1.0 training.

EPIC 1.0: Starting in 2018, the EPIC team worked with student, faculty, and administrative stakeholders to develop an innovative, research-driven sexual harassment prevention training for UW ASEs and Postdocs. This interactive, 1.5 hour zoom training builds on extensive research to provide participants with skills in bystander intervention, sexual harassment prevention, and more, and is tailored to the needs and interests of each department’s ASEs and Postdocs.

Register for EPIC 1.0: Preventing Sexual Harassment Training

EPIC 2.0: In this 1.5 hour training, we build on our 1.0 conversations to analyze how power works in our departments and work on concrete action steps to prevent sexual harassment. We discuss our particular departments, where our power comes from and what needs to change. We may make healthy use of breakout groups depending on how many people come to each session.

Register for EPIC 2.0: Action Steps


Remote Training/Self-Paced Training

SafeCampus suggests attending the live, virtual training if possible. If you are not able to attend due to a hardship (such as timezone differences) please email SafeCampus at

Active Shooter Preparedness Training

SafeCampus does not offer active shooter preparedness training. For this kind of training, please contact the University of Washington Police Department. Also, watch the UW Active Shooter Preparedness Training Video.

Additional UW Training Options

Husky Health & Well-Being: Campus partners offer a variety of training around violence prevention and safety, mental health, health insurance, and well-being for the UW community. Whether you are a student group, academic department, or staff team you can find trainings, please see Husky Health & Well-Being’s training offerings page.

Professional & Organizational Development (Faculty & Staff): POD classes and webinars are designed to allow adult learners to quickly build knowledge, skills, and abilities. Through all of POD’s training, coaching, and consulting offerings, they strive to equip UW employees and organizations with the tools, methods, strategies, and inspiration to put learning into action and truly effect change.