DEI Videos

In 2022, SafeCampus received a Diversity Seed Grant, which was used to create two educational videos. These videos promote a safe, equitable workplace culture by teaching evidence-based prevention principles to address identity-based conflicts and build skills within the campus community. They aim to foster resilient, inclusive spaces.

Video 1: Responding to Feedback

This video provides practical tips and strategies for faculty and supervisors who’ve received feedback about engaging in microaggressions.

Video 2: Group Agreements

This video explains the purpose and benefits of group agreements in fostering safe and inclusive spaces. It also discusses how managers and supervisors can assist teams or classes in establishing and utilizing group agreements to promote equity at work or in educational settings.

Special thanks to:

  • Fionna Cohen
  • Natalie Dolci
  • Ryan Garcia
  • Paige Sechrest
  • Jonathan C. Beck