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You can change any Funding Action or Admin Action in Approved, Denied, Duplicate, or Returned by GCA status back to In OSP status. Use the In OSP link on the left navigation menu to start the process.

fa in denied status with In OSP link on left navigation menu

A pop-up window will appear that will allow you to change the status, reassign the item, and add comments if desired.

pop up to revert action to in osp status

Add any explanatory comments you wish, reassign the item if necessary, then click on the In OSP button to complete the process. The pop-up window will close, and the item details page will refresh showing the new status.

Note: If you change an Admin Action assigned to the location File back to In OSP status, the system displays a warning message, which reads:

“An Admin Action with status of In OSP may not be assigned to File. Please modify the status or the assignment.”

To complete the process, you will need to reassign the Admin Action to a value other than File.

November 2013

The following updates were released on November 26th, 2013:

  • SPAERC applications, FAs, and AAs will now have a single location to be assigned after review by OSP – “File.” FAs and eGC1s with a status of “In OSP” can no longer be assigned to “File.” Items that now belong in “File” have been reassigned and documented with appropriate notes in the history.
  • GCA and OSP collaborated to determine several Funding Action fields that could be opened up for GCA so that GCA can make necessary changes rather than having to send FAs back to OSP to make the changes. Several FA fields will now be editable in SERA for GCA staff. Changes made by GCA staff will be logged in the history of the FA in both SERA and SPAERC.The following FA fields will become editable in SERA:
  1. Payment Type
  2. Budget Details Location
  3. Current Period Start Date (except when Authorized Action is New)
  4. Current Period End Date
  5. F&A Cost Rate
  6. Cost Sharing
  7. Total Cost Share Amount
  8. Rate Location

Also, in SERA, the Current Period Start Date will be displayed as read-only if the Authorized Action value is New.

September 2013

The following updates were released on September 26th, 2013:

SPAERC Updates

  • FAs that are returned by GCA to inactive OSP staff members will be assigned to the “Failover Team” so that OSP may reassign FAs to an active OSP staff member. Currently, Al Marks monitors the Failover Team, which has been used for eGC1s and will now be used for FAs.
  • The new OSP Pending FAs report will help OSP Managers monitor and manage the workflow and workload of my team to process FAs in a timely manner.

SAGE and FIDS Updates SPAERC Users may want to know about

  • Now that FIDS is a year old, OSP needs to be able to determine if an Investigator is in compliance with GIM 10 for annual updates of SFI disclosure. On the PI & Personnel Page, the investigator’s primary disclosure will appear in italics and related disclosures will be ordered from most recent to oldest. This will allow OSP to find the primary disclosure easily and see the most recent related disclosure immediately below the primary disclosure.
  • SAGE and SPAERC users will have access to a new pop-up window for Personnel Disclosure History by clicking on the name of an Investigator on the PI & Personnel page in SAGE. The new window will show an investigator’s recent history of submitted disclosures. This will aid in OSP’s review to make sure investigators are compliant with annual updates per GIM 10.
  • In compliance with the UW Records Retention policy, on October 1st, we will be removing attachments from grant applications (eGC1s) which were never awarded and have a sponsor deadline before January 9th, 2009. This will free up storage space and simplify data management.The eGC1s without their attachments will remain in SAGE for reporting purposes. An entry about the deletion will display on the “OSP Notes” page in SPAERC.
  • SAGE users will no longer be allowed to “Send Disclosure Notifications” for eGC1’s where the sponsor name is “Pending – Notify OSP of Correct Sponsor”. This is to help ensure that the correct disclosure rules and requirements are applied when the PI is updating their SFI in FIDS.
  • To aid in compliance with GIM 10 for annual updates of SFI disclosures, FIDS now send automated email notifications. There will be a reminder when an annual update of disclosure is due in 45 days, a second reminder when the annual update is due in 15 days, and a notice when they are out of compliance (copied to the PI).
  • To easily see who the current Public Health Service sponsors are, we created a new PHS Sponsors web page.

Auto-Holds on Processed FAs

Issue: When the parent application is changed for an FA that is in Processed status, compliance auto-holds may appear, depending on the data in the new parent application. The process of applying auto-holds does not check the FA’s status when it is re-parented. Since the FA is not editable when in Processed status, the holds cannot be removed.

The system should either not allow re-parenting of processed FAs, or not apply auto-holds when a processed FA is re-parented. The appropriate fix based on business processes needs to be determined.

November 2012


  • Automatic holds will be applied to funding actions when either training requirements or disclosure requirements have not been met
  • Ensure correct values appear for SFI on control sheet
  • New JIT functionality for FCOI
    • OSP can trigger JIT notifications in SPAERC
    • JIT notifications will be sent to
      • Any investigators who have not yet taken training
      • Any investigators who have not yet completed disclosures (important for existing eGC1s)
      • Preparers and Owners to let them know that JIT has been invoked, and that they need to make sure that everyone who should be listed on the eGC1 personnel page is actually listed there
  • JIT will trigger the status change from “Waiting for JIT” to “Review Required”  this is on the PI and Personnel page as well as in FIDS.
  • JIT notifications are not sent for RRF sponsored applications at the time FA is created.
  • Biennium field added to FA’s and PAC’s as optional to fill out.


  • A bug was fixed to correct an Orphan session issue where when a subcontract item was opened and then the FA was opened from the subcontract page the subcontract will no longer stay open in the background. This solves one area where the user had a stale session and a 45 minute lock on the subcontract item.
  • Data clean up on some FA’s that were previously marked as duplicate that were accidentally changed to Processed. We are returning them to their duplicate status. This is to help with the EDW work.