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April 2018 SAGE Grant Runner Release

SAGE Grant Runner

NIH Required Fields Added to HSCT

To assist researchers in filling out the Human Subjects & Clinical Trials (HSCT) form, NIH required fields are now indicated with an asterisk and red highlighting. These same fields will have validation messages when the user clicks “Show Form Errors” at the top of the form. All NIH errors and validations will continue to show when the full application is checked by clicking “Check for Errors” in the left navigation of SAGE.

eGC1 Data Sync Improvements with Grant Runner Forms

To help prevent data inconsistencies when multiple browser sessions are open, the data sync between the eGC1 and Grant Runner forms has been improved.  When you make updates to information in the eGC1 that flows through to Grant Runner forms, those updates will now automatically sync with each save/refresh of the eGC1.

Improved Accessibility for  Keyboard and Tab Order Functionality

To meet accessibility standards, all Grant Runner forms are now accessible using keyboard only functionality.  In addition, tab order has been improved to be more logical and intuitive, reducing the number of times the user has to press the tab key.  

Error Messages Enhanced

Question numbers have been added to error messages on all Grant Runner forms. This update will help users quickly identify the specific error within a form.  This will be especially helpful for longer forms such as the new Human Subjects & Clinical Trials form.

March 2018 SAGE Grant Runner Release

SAGE Grant Runner

Grant Runner Support for Fellowship Opportunities

Grant Runner can now be used for Fellowship (F) Award opportunities with the inclusion of the PHS Fellowship Supplemental Form.

Import ClinicalTrials.gov Data into Human Subjects & Clinical Trials Form

For studies where a ClinicalTrials.gov record is already present, researchers can now choose to import a subset of that data into the new Human Subjects & Clinical Trials (HSCT) form in Grant Runner. This will save entry time.  Users will now see a button next to the ClinicalTrials.Gov Identifier (question 1.5) labeled “Import from ClinicalTrials.gov”. On Import from ClinicalTrials.gov, Grant Runner will verify that the identifier is valid, and if so, will populate the HSCT Full Study with the following ClinicalTrials.gov fields:

  • Study Title
  • Conditions or Focus
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Age Limits (minimum, maximum age)
  • Recruitment Status
  • Brief Summary
  • Narrative Study Description
  • Primary Purpose
  • Interventions (type, name, description)
  • Study Phase
  • Intervention Model
  • Masking
  • Allocation
  • Outcomes and Measures (name, type, timeframe, description)

Any previously entered data on the HSCT Full Study will be overwritten.

After import, the eGC1 preparer is free to edit any of the information as necessary.  

ClinicalTrials.gov data is NOT updated directly from SAGE. It is still the PI’s responsibility to maintain accuracy of data on the ClinicalTrials.gov site.


Provide warning when Application PI or Multiple PI does not have an ASTRA role

When adding an Application PI or a Multiple PI on the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page, if the selected personnel does not have an ASTRA role that grants them access to SAGE, you will now receive a warning.  This information will allow eGC1 preparers to request ASTRA roles in advance to avoid delays at time of routing and approval.

Fix:  Adding the Same Person Twice in Contacts & Assign Access Results in Error

Users were getting confusing validation messages when attempting to add themselves or another person to more than one role on the Contacts & Assign Access page.  This validation issue has been resolved.

SAGE General Updates

Data Source Update

SAGE Suite will now use the new version of Person Web Service (PWSv2).  PWSv2 is commonly used in the SAGE Personnel Chooser when searching for non-UW people.

Fix: SAGE Personnel Chooser Doesn’t Always Search by Pressing “Enter” Key

In some areas of SAGE, the Personnel Chooser was requiring users to click on “Enter” to search.  This issue has been resolved and now you can search by either clicking on or pressing the “Enter” key.


January 2018 SAGE Grant Runner Release

Human Subjects & Clinical Trials Form Usability Improvements

The following areas were given some fine-tuning and polish, in order to improve the usability of the new Human Subjects & Clinical Trials (HSCT) form:

  • Display a warning message when you change the Human Subjects response from YES to NO on the Other Project Info form, to indicate that HSCT form data will be removed as a result
  • Fix defects related to navigation within the form
  • Improve usability in form display, navigation, and error messaging

Required Fields for Study Import from PDF

When importing a study to the Human Subjects & Clinical Trials form using the fillable PDF, you are now required to complete the following fields at minimum:

  • Study Title
  • Clinical Trials questions 1.4.a through 1.4.d

Obtaining the responses to these questions upon import will better enable the SAGE system to communicate clear form rules and requirements to users through validations and on-screen prompts.

Improved Clinical Trial Required Fields Logic for HSCT Form

SAGE will now use the NIH Clinical Trials Code provided with each opportunity to enable or disable relevant sections on the HSCT form.

The system will also factor in the responses to the four Clinical Trials questions (1.4.a through 1.4.d) on HSCT, to determine when the clinical trials sections should be enabled.

These updates will provide clarity for users on what sections of the form are required and which are not applicable.  The rules are implemented as follows:

  • When clinical trials are NOT allowed per the opportunity:
    • Sections 4 and 5 are disabled for entry, and
    • When you import a study from a fillable PDF which contains entry in sections 4 & 5, any data entered in those sections is removed upon import and will not be included in submission
  • When clinical trials questions 1.4.a through 1.4.d include at least one NO response, then the application is NOT considered a clinical trial, and sections 4 & 5 are disabled for entry

Form Order Update in Left Navigation

Due to the dependencies between forms, the Other Project Information form now displays above the Human Subjects & Clinical Trials form.  This helps you complete the forms is a logical order, thereby reducing confusion when opening the Human Subjects & Clinical Trials form for the first time.

Opportunity Opening and Closing Date Updates

Due to time zone differences and the date/time stamp used by NIH on the opportunities posted on Grants.Gov, the open and close dates were displaying in Grant Runner as one day earlier than on the Grants.Gov and NIH websites.  SAGE now factors in this 3-hour time difference so that the open and close dates display correctly.

Fix:  Application PI Validation on RR Detailed Budget

An issue was resolved which now allows the RR Detailed Budget PD/PI validation to work properly when an Application PI is listed on the eGC1.  The validation will now ensure that the  first and last name of the first PD/PI listed match those  of the Application PI, when present, and as shown on the SF 424.  This is an NIH requirement.

eGC1 Fix:  Printing Draft Routing Sheet Results in Error

Users will no longer receive an error when attempting to print the Draft Routing Sheet from the Certify & Route page of the eGC1.

December 2017 SAGE Grant Runner Release

FORMS-E Changes to Existing Forms

NIH will require the use of FORMS-E application packages for due dates on or after January 25, 2018.  Grant Runner now includes the FORMS-E version for the following agency specific forms.  

  • PHS 398 Cover Page Supplement
  • PHS 398 Research Plan
  • PHS 398 Career Development Award Supplemental
  • PHS 398 Modular Budget (expire date change only)
  • PHS Assignment Request
  • PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Information (New!!)

Federal-wide form updates that will also be incorporated into FORMS-E packages, and which are supported by Grant Runner, include:

  • RR Budget and Subaward Budget
  • RR Other Project information

NIH Form Change Resources

Review more information on:

High level FORMS-E summary of changes across all impacted forms

NIH: New Human Subjects Clinical Trial Form

NIH: FAQS for Application Forms, Form Updates, and Choosing the Correct Forms

New Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Information Form

Grant Runner now includes the new PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Information Form.  You will have the option of completing the form in its entirety directly in Grant Runner, or importing a completed PDF version of the form into Grant Runner.  Due to the length of this form, it is recommended that you preview the form in Grant Runner or in PDF format, early in the proposal development process to plan appropriately for the information collection involved.

SAGE Subawards

Subrecipient Re-Certification Status and Form

When completing the subaward request in SAGE, a prompt will display below the subrecipient’s name if their certification status is in an expired state and needs re-certification. This prompt will have a link to the Subrecipient Certification PDF form that can be uploaded in the Attachments section of the Subaward Request once completed. Attachment of the Subrecipient Certification form is not required prior to submission of the subaward request. This status prompt and link will also display in the Subaward Overview Summary section.


Non-Award Agreement Application Types

SAGE now provides a dedicated, streamlined eGC1 format for submitting Non-Award Agreements to OSP by requiring only the set of fields necessary for these application types. You will now select Application Types “Non-Award Agreement (new)” or “Non-Award Agreement (continuation)” for the following types of agreement:

  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Data Use Agreement
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Unfunded Collaborative Agreement
  • Unfunded Research Agreement
  • Affiliation Agreement
  • Master Transfer Agreement

Note that you should select “Non-Award Agreement (continuation)” to extend an existing agreement beyond the initial term.

Activity Locations Survey

We want your feedback on the new look and feel of the Activity Locations page. Click the “Give Feedback” link at the top of that page and let us know what you do/don’t like about the design as we evaluate updates to other parts of SAGE.

June 2016 Grant Runner Release

Grant Runner Updates

Expansion of Validations

Key changes to Grant Runner validations and error checking.

  • All NIH Validations Included — SAGE will now incorporate all NIH validations into the error checking process, when users click the “Check for Errors” link. These validations are the same rules applied by ASSIST and eRA Commons. This should help users to identify issues earlier in the process, in advance of proposal submission.  SAGE will display both NIH errors and warnings. Warnings will not block submission, but may reveal other issues to be considered prior to submission.
  • Revised Check for Errors Page — The redesigned Check for Errors page will provide a full set of validation checks and errors for eGC1 pages as well as Grant Runner forms. For quick access, a new “Check for Errors” link has been added below the set of Grant Runner forms (see image below) on the left navigation menu. It will continue to display in its usual location on the Certify & Route page. 
  • Form Level Validations — The “Show Form Errors” link at the top of each Grant Runner form displays data entry validations on that form only (for example, date formats, required fields, etc.). Users should use the Check for Errors process for complete business rule validations and error checks.

Single PDF of Sponsor Forms Available

Grant Runner users will now be able to generate a single PDF that combines all of the sponsor forms and the related attachment content. The layout of the PDF will be the same as the NIH reviewers see, and can be printed or circulated via email.  To generate the single PDF, users will click on the new View Grant Runner Forms (PDF) link, found in the left navigation menu, just below the set of Grant Runner forms. (See image below).

left navigation menu with new grant runner links

Activity Code field added

The Activity Code for the selected opportunity will display on the Abstract & RFA/RFP page for Grant Runner applications. This field is read-only.

Standard eGC1 Updates

The new Check for Errors link on the left navigation menu will also appear for non-Grant Runner (standard) eGC1s.