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You can view, add, update, or delete documents associated with an item. You will use a slightly different process for uploading and attaching documents to Applications compared to Funding Actions and Admin Actions.

The following sections describe the types of documents you might find in the system, how to open them, and how to add documents to Applications, Funding Actions and Administrative Actions, and Subcontracts in SPAERC.

FA First Period Amount

Issue: When creating an FA from an application where the preparer manually enters the values into just the totals column (because there is only one period), the value for the First Period Amount Requested will display as 0 on the FA. The Total Amount Requested will be correct.

March 2011 Release Notes


  • Close Out administrative action has new date fields: Award End Date and Closeout Deadline Date can be entered; the Closeout Delinquent Date is calculated as 30 days past the deadline date. These values also appear on the tasklist and the search page.
  • Authorized Action field on an FA is now limited to one value.
  • Subcontract Action has a new status field, independent of the parent Subcontract.


  • Ensured that an FA child of an FA can be sent to GCA.
  • Corrected missing budget/cost sharing dollars on GCA summary.
  • Allowed searching for PI names to include an apostrophe.