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June 2016 SAGE Maintenance Release

General Updates

Grant Runner: PHS Assignment Request Form

The new PHS Assignment Request Form, introduced with the Forms-D changes, is now available in Grant Runner. This new form will be available to all applications in progress as well as new Grant Runner applications where applicable.

SAGE Budget: Update to Tuition Inflation Rate Default Value

The default tuition inflation rate in SAGE Budget has been changed from 10% to 3%, to provide a more realistic figure and reduce the need for manual overwrites.

FIDS: Suppress annual SFI disclosure overdue email

At the request of the Office of Research, the third and final reminder email sent to investigators that have not submitted an SFI disclosures for 365 days will no longer be sent. This final email cc’ed all related principal investigators which caused confusion/frustration.


Error with Attaching Budgets to an eGC1

An issue was resolved which was causing an error when users were attempting to connect SAGE Budgets to an eGC1 under a certain set of circumstances.

Investigator status reverting to Yes on Connect of Budget

An issue was resolved which was causing the investigator flag on the eGC1 personnel list to revert to YES when a user connected a SAGE Budget to an eGC1.

Personnel role selection changes and investigator flags

An issue is resolved which was occurring when a user changed the role type on personnel from one where Investigator status was automatically defaulted to YES (such as PI or Co-PI), to a role where they should be able to designate YES or NO (such as Mentor). The system was not displaying the YES/NO option in these cases until the screen was refreshed. It will now display the correct investigator options in real time.

Object Code 38 (Unallocated) costs in SAGE Budget not itemized in NIH export

An issue has been resolved so that costs in object code 38 (Unallocated) will now be itemized under Other Direct Costs in the SAGE Budget Excel export that matches the NIH Detailed Budget form format.

December 2015 SAGE Maintenance Release

New Features

eGC1 Permanently Withdrawn status change by user

SAGE users can now permanently withdraw eGC1s that are in “Withdrawn” or “Returned” status. Previously, only OSP could mark eGC1s as “Permanently Withdrawn”. This will provide SAGE users with a way of quickly removing eGC1s from their tasklist that are no longer being considered for submission to a sponsor.

eGC1 Denied by Sponsor status change by user

SAGE users can now mark “Approved” eGC1s as “Denied by Sponsor” and attach related documentation. Previously, only OSP could set eGC1s as “Denied by Sponsor”. This will provide SAGE users with a quick way of clearing eGC1s from their tasklists that are no longer being considered by sponsors, and improve the accuracy of proposal data.

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How can I add a new hire to my eGC1?
When is job information from Workday available to SAGE?

New or changed Workday job information is available to SAGE within 24-48 hours via the Personnel Chooser.

Note: Newly-hired investigators should also update the Investigator Details section on their FIDS profile.

Once OSP approves the eGC1, this section will display the change history for Personnel on the eGC1.

post-approval personnel changes section

The following changes are included:

  • A person is added or deleted
  • A person’s role changes
  • A person’s investigator status changes

You can make these changes on the eGC1 or through the Financial Interest Disclosure System (FIDS). Note that you can only change the PI from the the eGC1. If you change the PI, you will see a warning message with a reminder to contact OSP if sponsor approval is required.

When you copy an eGC1, the Personnel Changes section of the original eGC1 is not included.

For each change, the following information is displayed:

  • The Name and employee ID of the person whose information has changed
  • The Role Type of the person prior to the change
  • The name of the individual who made the change (Entered by)
  • The Date and time of the change
  • The Action Taken
    • Added to eGC1
    • Deleted from eGC1
    • Investigator status change from <old value> to <new value>
    • Role changed from <old value> to <new value>
    • SFI value changed from <old value> to <new value>
    • Indicated current participation (this change would be made from within FIDS)

This form page is for listing the PD/PI and up to 99 Senior/Key Persons.

Project Director/Principal Investigator

The basic data for the PD/PI is populated for the person you selected in the Wizard. If you need to change the PI or edit some of the information, go to the eGC1’s PI, Personnel, & Organizations page.

If the PI for the eGC1 is different than the PI for the Grant Runner application, use the Application PI role type on the eGC1’s PI, Personnel, & Organizations page.  The Application PI’s information will then populate the Key Person Expanded form.

If the directory data is incorrect, please ask the PD/PI to log in to Workday to make any necessary changes.

The following table describes the editable fields for the PD/PI.

Field Description
Credential, e.g. agency login Enter the eRA Commons login for the PD/PI. This is a mandatory field for NIH submissions.
Degree Type Enter the highest academic or professional degree earned or other credentials (for example, RN) for the Principal Investigator.
Degree Year Enter the year the highest degree or other credential was obtained.
Biographical Sketch Provide a biographical sketch for PD/PI, being sure to format it as described in the sponsor application instructions. For general attachment information, see eGC1 and Grant Runner Attachments.
Current and Pending Support Note: Unless otherwise required in a specific FOA, do not include this attachment for NIH and other PHS agency submissions. This information is no longer required at the time of application submission.

Attach a list of all current and pending support for the PD/PI (even if they receive no salary support from the project(s)) for ongoing projects and pending applications. Be sure to format it as described in the sponsor application instructions.

Senior / Key Person Profiles

Use this section to include the additional researchers on the project. For each researcher, you will need to add the same information as for the PD/PI.

To Add a Person

  • Click on the Add New Senior/Key Person Profiles button.
    • UW Personnel: In the expanded accordion, you can use the Look Up Person in UW Directory button to easily populate the majority of the fields for any UW employee. You can modify the information as needed.
    • Non-UW Personnel: You will need to enter at least all of the required data for any non-UW researcher.
  • Credential e.g., agency login: Enter the eRA Commons login for the researcher. This is a required field.
  • Project Role: If you select “Other Professional” or “Other (Specify)” for the Project Role, you must complete the Other Project Role Category field. If the person will be an additional PD/PI, NIH requires the Multiple PD/PI Leadership Plan attachment (on the Research Plan form). Also, see Multiple PIs for additional information about providing assurances. Roles are:
    • PD/PI
    • Co-PD/PI
    • Faculty
    • Post Doctoral
    • Post Doctoral Associate
    • Postdoctoral Scholar
    • Other Professional
    • Graduate Student
    • Undergraduate Student
    • Technician
    • Consultant
    • Co-Investigator
    • Other (Specify)
  • Add a Biographical Sketch (required) and Current & Pending Support (optional) attachments as appropriate for each researcher. For general attachment information, see eGC1 and Grant Runner Attachments
  • Click the Collapse link (top or bottom) to close the accordion for this person

You can click Cancel at any time to exit the process of adding a person.

Each person you have added will display in a table on the page, with a few pieces of data to easily identify them. The following image shows an example entry.

key personnel profiles

To Make Changes: Click on the Expand link on the right to view the details and make any changes to the data entered.

To Remove a Person: Use the Delete link on the far right to remove the person from the list.

Add Researchers Above the Maximum Number

Currently, the maximum number of researchers (PD/PI plus all others) is 100. If you have entered that many but still need to document more, you can use the section at the bottom of the page that displays once you reach the maximum.   Add an attachment for each additional person.

September 2013 SAGE Maintenance Release

New Features

New Public Health Service (PHS) Sponsor Web site

  • To make it easy to find the list of current Public Health Service sponsors, we created a new PHS Sponsors web page.The FCOI online training and other communications will have links to this page.

SAGE Record retention – Removing aged eGC1 attachments

  • In compliance with the UW Records Retention policy, on October 1st, 2013, we will be removing attachments from grant applications (eGC1s) which were never awarded and have a sponsor deadline before January 9, 2009. This will free up storage space and simplify data management. The eGC1s without their attachments will remain in SAGE for reporting purposes. We informed all affected PIs on September 19, 2013.

Users are no longer able to send disclosure notifications from eGC1’s where the sponsor name is “Pending – Notify OSP of Correct Sponsor”

  • If the sponsor has not yet been filled in, you will not be able to send the notifications either. This will help ensure that the correct disclosure rules and requirements are applied when the investigators are updating their SFI in FIDS.

We have improved the organization of the disclosures on the PI & Personnel pages.

  • The primary disclosure will display in italics, followed by related disclosures ordered from most recent to oldest. Users will be able to view the one-year history of all of an Investigator’s submitted disclosures by clicking the new Investigator Disclosure History link.

July 2013 SAGE Maintenance Release

New Features

Notification dates were added to the PI & Personnel page.

  • To help administrators know when to follow up with investigators, the PI & Personnel Page now displays the date when each investigator was notified by SAGE email to create a disclosure for an eGC1 and when the eGC1 reaches the Just in Time (JIT) phase.


  • We fixed several bugs related to PI Assurance so that PI Assurance values will be retained and displayed appropriately. We also corrected all of the eGC1s that were affected by the bugs.

August 2012 SAGE and FIDS Release

New Features

These changes were made as a result of introducing the new Financial Interest Disclosure System (FIDS) which integrates with SAGE.

On the eGC1 PI & Personnel page:

  • eGC1 Preparers can select Investigator status.
  • Disclosure notifications to investigators to complete a disclosure in FIDS can now be sent.
  • Each investigator’s SFI status will display based on the information in FIDS.
  • The PHS FCOI training status will display.
  • The FIDS disclosure status will display.
  • Changes may be made to the PI or personnel after the eGC1 has been approved by OSP.
  • The history of any post-approval PI or personnel changes will be displayed.

On the Certify & Route page:

  •  An eGC1 cannot be completed until all investigators have received disclosure notifications.
  • The Ready to Submit question cannot be answered as “Yes” until all investigators have completed their disclosures in FIDS.