To undertake faculty evaluations you will need: Instructor Information Sheets, course evaluation forms, and a list of IAS course codes.


Complete one Instructor Information Sheet for each class surveyed. The Course Abbreviation field is critical for processing. The abbreviations must correspond to those on the enclosed IAS Course Codes List which is based on your course catalog. If a course does not appear on this list, and you wish to add it, you can send us a separate list with the following information: course name, course abbreviation (up to five letters), course number, section, department, and college. The Instructor's Name field may be used to record multiple instructors. List them as "last name, first initial/last name, first initial." The Course Number, and Section fields should be filled out for complete identification. If these fields are left blank, the program will default to zeroes. The Group field is optional and may be used to identify campus, labs, or evening vs. day classes. Academic Rank, Course Credits, and Course Enrollment fields should be completed if you wish this information to be reported. The program will default to "other" for Academic Rank and "0" for Course Credits and Course Enrollment if these fields are left blank.


Instructors may wish to create additional items specific to the content and structure of their courses. Answers to categorical, scaled, or numeric items can be recorded on the back of the course evaluation forms. Response positions are provided for up to 35 items in two different formats, and will be tallied and reported as part of the computerized evaluation summaries. See below for specific directions.


It is suggested that the instructor read the following directions to the students and then leave the room. Someone other than the instructor should distribute, collect, and return the forms to the main office.

I am going to distribute course evaluation forms so you may rate the quality of this course. Your participation is voluntary, and you may omit specific items if you wish. To ensure confidentiality, do not write your name on the forms. Please be sure to use a No. 2 PENCIL ONLY on the scannable form.

I have chosen ( name ) to distribute and collect the forms. When you are finished, he/she will collect the forms, put them into an envelope, and return them to the main office. If there are no questions, I will leave the room and not return until all the questionnaires have been finished and collected. Thank you for your participation.


Before forms are returned to the Office of Educational Assessment for processing, please make sure:

  1. forms are filled out in pencil (you may go over pen marks with pencil);
  2. sheets are placed in a single stack, all facing the same direction;
  3. course evaluations for each class are preceded by a completed Instructor Information Sheet; and
  4. information for courses not included on the current list of IAS Course Codes is listed and returned with the evaluation materials.


The back of the course evaluation form provides response positions for up to 35 categorical, scaled or numeric items which you create yourself. Two different response formats are available.

At the time of the evaluation, you can write your items on the board, display them on an overhead projector, or hand them out on a duplicated sheet. Alternatively, you can use the additional item template to print the items directly on the IAS form. Item numbering should correspond to the response positions on the course evaluation form. Be sure to keep a record of your questions so you can match them to the tallied results.

If you use the ‘A-G' response format (see below), you may elect to create a master and photocopy your item text onto the course evaluation forms. (You cannot, of course, photocopy the forms themselves and submit the copies to us for scanning.)

CAUTION: Stray marks may make the forms unscannable. Text may only be photocopied into the boxes provided on the forms.

A-G Response Format (Items 1-12)

The first twelve items allow you to create questions with categorical or scaled response alternatives. Categorical items require students to select among a set of alternatives. The questions and choices may be photocopied into the open box provided for each item. 


1 Which contributed most to your learning in this course?  A B C D E F G
(A) homework assignments
(B) quizzes
(C) mid-term
(D) final exam

Using scaled responses, students are asked to rate all items on the same set of ordered alternatives. Directions and the common rating scale may be photocopied into the box in the upper right-hand corner of the form, and the item text may be photocopied into the item boxes. 


Use the following scale to rate HOW VALUABLE you found each of the homework assignments: (A)
not at all
2 Homework assignment #1 O   O   O   O   O   O   O
3 Homework assignment #2 O   O   O   O   O   O   O

0-9 Response Format (Items 13-35)

Items 13 through 35 allow you to ask questions requiring a 0-9 numeric scale. You do not have to use every response position for each question, but you must define the meaning of each position that you do use.


13. How many hours per week did you spend on assigned readings?
     (0 = none; 9 = 9 or more)
14. Amount of homework assigned was: Unreasonable <---> Very Reasonable
0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
15. Number of mid-terms that you feel is optimal (1, 2 or 3)?
16. Which text did you find most relevant to this course? (Choose one.)
0. text #1
1. text #2
2. text #3
3. text #4
4. text #5