Office of Educational Assessment


IASystem™ is designed to provide both formative information for instructional improvement, and summative information for decisions relating to curricular development and faculty promotion and tenure. The collection of standard forms supports decision-making related to various instructional formats. For a brief description of each form type click IASystem Course Evaluation Forms Summary or choose from the PDF versions below.

A Small Lecture / Discussion (PDF)
B Large Lecture (PDF)
C Seminar / Discussion (PDF)
D Problem Solving (PDF)
E Skill Acquisition (PDF)
F Quiz Section (PDF)
G Lectures / Assignments (PDF)
H Lab (PDF)
I Distance Learning (PDF)
J Clinical / Studio (PDF)
K Project / Studio (PDF)
L English as a Second Language (PDF)
M Study Abroad (PDF)
X Educational Outcomes (PDF)
Comment Form (PDF)

Optional Mid-Quarter Feedback Form

Details and Instructions can be found here: Optional Mid-Quarter Feedback Form

Optional End-Of-Term Remote Course Evaluation Form

Details and Instructions can be found here: Optional End-Of-Term Remote Course Evaluation Form

IASystem™ items and forms are copyrighted with all rights reserved by the University of Washington.

Evaluation Form Structure

IASystem™ evaluation forms are composed of three sets of items to support both formative and summative decision-making, and to capture additional information to assist instructors in interpreting evaluation results.

Summative items. The first four items on IASystem™ forms provide a general evaluation of the course and institution. Because these items are applicable to all courses and appear on all forms, they allow comparisons across courses or instructors. Average ratings also can be compared to a specific standard or examined for changes over time.

Formative items. IASystem™ evaluation forms also include items related to a particular instructional format. These items distinguish one evaluation form from another – they are more specific than the summative items and suggest areas in which the course or instruction could be improved.

Instructors can add their own formative questions to evaluation forms. For online evaluations, questions are added through the instructor interface. For paper evaluations, questions may be printed onto the back of each evaluation form using an MS Word additional items template.

Interpretive items. The third section of evaluation items captures information about the students in the course and such things as course workload and expected grade in the course. These items assist the instructor in interpreting ratings of previous items and are used by IASystem™ to compute a Challenge and Engagement Index (CEI) and to adjust ratings of summative items for possible bias.