UW News

Parking guidelines for media at the UW

Whenever possible, journalists and members of the media should coordinate parking with the appropriate public information officer contact for their story. 

If you’re not currently working with a PIO, please contact the UW News office at 206-543-2580.


As a member of the press, where can I park on campus?

With your press credentials in hand, visit any campus gatehouse (see map). The attendant will direct you to the closest available parking lot to your destination. Please note the days the gatehouses are closed.

Please contact UW News if you plan on going to multiple campus locations, you are coming to campus for more than one day, you will have more than one vehicle or you have other special requirements.

Are there places where I can unload equipment?

Yes. If you need to unload equipment, ask a gatehouse attendant where the closest loading zone is to the building you are filming/interviewing. Loading zones cannot be used for long-term parking in any situation. Time limits are displayed on placards near parking stalls and range from 15 to 30 minutes. Please contact UW News if you have special requirements.

Do members of the press have to pay for parking?

In general, no. Please contact UW News for more info.

Do I need to arrange for parking ahead of time?

Arrangements made in advance are appreciated and can make for a smoother experience. Still, you valid press credential will be accepted at any campus gatehouse. To make arrangements in advance, coordinate with a PIO contact at least one week in advance. If you’re not working with a PIO already, please call News & Information at 206-543-2580.

Where can I park at UW Medicine locations and hospitals?

Please contact UW Medicine Media Relations for information on parking at their facilities.