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October 24, 2014

UW honored for sustainability efforts

UW News

The UW won Seattle Business Magazine’s 2014 Community Impact Award for Sustainability in Business Operations this week for demonstrating how businesses can have a beneficial impact on their communities.

Seattle Aquarium and Harley Marine Services won silver awards for their sustainable business operations. UW’s award recognizes its overall environmental stewardship, Climate Action Plan, many LEED certified buildings and the connection to the UW Business Diversity Program.

“This award reflects the terrific work by the entire UW community over the past decade,” President Michael K. Young said in a letter to UW Regents. “As Seattle Magazine noted in its announcement, the UW has backed up its ‘bark’ about sustainable practices ‘with plenty of bite.’”

“Since 2000, the school has cut its greenhouse gas output by 15.6 percent and its water use by 40 percent,” the magazine noted. “Thanks to education and incentives, more than 80 percent of the UW population commutes via an option other than driving alone. And since 2005, every new building on campus has achieved a minimum of LEED Silver certification.”

Read more about it at seattlebusinessmag.com.