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June 14, 2024

ArtSci Roundup: Summer Art Exhibitions

Throughout the summer, check out art exhibitions across campus at the Burke Museum, Henry Art Gallery, and the Jacob Lawrence Gallery.

Through June 21 | DESIGN SHOW – BDES + MDES, Jacob Lawrence Gallery

The Division of Design presents the work of the graduating Bachelor of Design (BDes) students from Industrial Design, Interaction Design, and Visual Communication Design.

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June 20, 6:00 – 7:00 pm | Henry Art Gallery Association: Annual Meeting, Henry Art Gallery

The Henry Art Gallery Association will host its annual meeting to reflect on its journey and share what lies ahead. Kris Lewis, Henry’s director, and the senior leadership team will give an engaging presentation. Together, the gallery will celebrate achievements from the past year, explore strategic endeavors, and reveal what’s in store for the upcoming fall/winter exhibition program. All are welcome to attend.

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Through August 4 | Hank Willis Thomas: LOVERULES, Henry Art Gallery

Hank Willis Thomas’ practice as a conceptual artist and activist focuses on themes relating to commodity, identity, media, and popular culture. Experimenting with mixed media and mass-produced imagery, Thomas’ practice includes photography, sculpture, installation, and more. The exhibition features some of the artist’s most iconic and well-known artworks across a range of media, investigating diverse themes. LOVERULES also highlights several important series, including Branded and Unbranded: Reflections in Black by Corporate America.

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Through July 28 | Martine Gutierrez: Monsen Photography Lecture, Henry Art Gallery

Martine Gutierrez is a transdisciplinary artist, performing, writing, composing, and directing elaborate narrative scenes that subvert pop-cultural tropes in the exploration of identity. Through works created in diverse media—music videos, billboard campaigns, episodic films, photographs, live performance artworks, and publications—Gutierrez investigates identity as both a social construct and an authentic expression of self. These complex intersections are innate to Gutierrez’s own multicultural upbringing as a first-generation artist of Indigenous descent and as an LGBTQ+ ally.

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Through August 25 | Raúl de Nieves: A window to the see, a spirit star chiming in the wind of wonder…, Henry Art Gallery

In A window to the see…, Raúl de Nieves presents an interplay of colored light and poetic prompts to guide visitors on a journey of continual transformation. Using the everyday materials of acetate and tape, the Brooklyn-based artist has custom-fit his signature “stained glass” to the three immense skylights that span the gallery. The lucent window panels transmute the transitional natural light, creating an ever-changing atmosphere inside the gallery, while illuminating a narrative of perpetual becoming told through images of colossal archetypes.

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Beginning June 6 | Experience Alcoves | Water, The Burke Museum

Washington waterways have served as an important transportation network for both animals and people. Head to the Burke Museum to learn about the Canoe Journey, salmon life cycles, and share your family’s favorite summer waterway activities.

From tiny foraminifera shells that show us how climates have changed over time to giant monsters that terrorized the seas of the Mesozoic. Look under the microscope at fossilized Megalodon teeth then make your own shark hat craft to take home. Learn about ancient oceans and the incredible creatures they held.

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Beginning June 30 | Christine Sun Kim: Ghost(ed) Notes, Henry Art Gallery

Christine Sun Kim is a groundbreaking artist exploring sound’s social and political dimensions. In her first Seattle exhibition at the Henry, Kim presents Ghost(ed) Notes, a mural animating the museum’s east façade with her distinctive visual language. Influenced by non-verbal communication, Kim merges graphic and musical notation with American Sign Language. Her compositions uniquely address her experience as a Deaf individual in a hearing-centric society and broader societal influences on whose voices hold sway.

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Beginning July 20 | Lucy Kim: Mutant Optics, Henry Art Gallery

Lucy Kim is a Korean-American interdisciplinary artist who works across painting, sculpture, and biological media. Over the last several years, Kim has worked in collaboration with scientists to develop a new, experimental printing process using genetically modified bacteria cells that produce melanin directly on paper. For her exhibition at the Henry, Kim is creating an installation of new melanin works made from images of genetically modified vanilla plants, extending her broader investigations into the entangled relationship between bioengineering, visual appearance, and the social and cultural construction of race and perception.

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