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March 11, 2024

Video: Admissions director answers six commonly asked questions about applying to the UW’s Seattle campus

Applicants to the University of Washington’s Seattle campus for the Autumn 2024 quarter will be receiving decisions very soon, and this time of year always brings questions from prospective students, their loved ones and the community at large about the admissions process.

In this video, Paul Seegert, Director of Admissions on the Seattle campus, answers six of the most commonly asked questions about how competitive it is to get into the UW and how admissions decisions are made.

Seegert also discusses the numbers of in-state students, out-of-state and international students who are accepted and why that mix is important.

The UW received about 70,000 applications this year and will enroll a little over 7,000 students from that group.

“That’s not as scary as it sounds — especially for Washington residents,” he explains. This is because Washington residents only compete against other Washington residents. About 16,000 of the 70,000 total applications were submitted by Washington residents — equaling roughly 23%. However, Washington residents will make up about 66% of the 7,000 enrolled students.

In addition, Seegert shares how applications are reviewed and what the primary considerations are in the review process — including why some students with lower GPAs are accepted while some with higher grades are not.

Finally, Seegert answers questions about affirmative action and about how the wait list works.


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