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October 10, 2023

“Ways of Knowing” Epilogue

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Ways of Knowing 

Season 1: The Humanities 


Translation, Redux 



[a series of audio clips follow, one right after the other, of readings of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” in 10 languages: an “Alice in Wonderland” Disney movie, a theme park ride, an opera, a high school play, a ballet,  a 1990s TV show, a video game, merchandise promotions, a feature film, a teaching video for English language learners, and a song by Tom Waits] 




CH: Thanks again for listening to season 1 of Ways of Knowing. That piece we just listened to came out of our work on the last episode, the one about translation, with Maya Smith. We wondered what it would sound like to take one work, one piece of culture, and trace it through all of its different formats. 


SH: It ended up being too deep a rabbit hole for the episode on translation, but we thought it was a nice place to end the season. The fact that this one story has been rendered into so many formats captures just how much there is out there that the ways of knowing in the humanities can help us understand.  



SH: Ways of Knowing is a production of The World According to Sound. Season 1 was made in collaboration with the University of Washington’s College of Arts & Sciences. This season was just a taste of the different analytical methods in the humanities. We’ll be revisiting this topic with the University of Washington in the near future.  


CH: Music provided by our friends, Matmos. Special thanks to Tina Antolini for her voiceover work, and to all the professors at UW who were so generous to us with their time and expertise.  



SH: The World According to Sound is made by Chris Hoff and Sam Harnett.