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March 17, 2022

ArtSci Roundup: Donna Huanca: MAGMA SLIT, Life in One Cubic Foot, and More

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Donna Huanca: MAGMA SLIT

Opens April 2 | Henry Art Gallery

Bolivian-American artist Donna Huanca creates work that destabilizes the male gaze while exploring femme and indigenous, specifically Andean, narratives and mark-making. Huanca’s installations encompass painting, sculpture, and live performance, and are characteristically created for, and integrated with, the specific architectural spaces in which they are presented. Her art is deeply invested in ritual practice, both drawn from Andean culture and exploring ritual at large as a means for transcendence, meditation, and transformation.
For her commissioned exhibition at the Henry Art Gallery, the artist is creating an architecturally immersive environment, consisting of a vast stage of interlocking ovoid/cellular forms, landscaped with white sand and supporting six mirrored “screen” sculptures, along with a selection of other sculptural work. 

Free for UW students, faculty & staff | More info

Life in One Cubic Foot

Through July 17 | The Burke Museum

The exhibition at the Burke Museum reveals the amazing variety of life that can be found using “biocubes”—one-cubic-foot frames used to survey the animals and plants living in an ecosystem. Featuring stunning photographs by David Liittschwager, the exhibition includes biocube-related objects and tools, animal models, hands-on interactives, and videos. 

What can you discover in just one cubic foot? As it turns out, a whole lot! Biocube samples—the life within one cubic foot of soil or water over one day—capture enough variation to explore the complexity of entire ecosystems. Most of the world’s biodiversity occurs at small scales: organisms hidden in leaf litter, under river rocks, and in the nooks and crannies of environments. 

Free for UW students, faculty & staff | More info

ArtVenture: Movement for Liberation with Cheryl Delostrinos

April 3, 1:00 – 3:00 PM | South Gallery, Henry Art Gallery

How can our bodies help us understand or imagine how liberation looks and feels? Join dance artist Cheryl Delostrinos for this intergenerational movement workshop in conversation with Donna Huanca: Magma Slit. Huanca’s installation is a complete sensory experience, evoking slippages of space and time that invite participants to both find and lose themselves, thus creating the conditions for liberatory meditation. Pausing within these slippages, Delostrinos will guide participants to celebrate the beautiful shapes, woven complexities, and hardworking vessels of our bodies. Through a series of experiments in movement and mirroring inspired by Huanca’s work, we will reflect upon where we see liberation in the world and in our communities, and consider how we can support others in their liberation, as well as allow others to support us in ours.

Free | RSVP & more info

Packaged Black: Derrick Adams and Barbara Earl Thomas

Through May 1 | Henry Art Gallery

Packaged Black at the Henry Art Gallery brings together the work of artists Derrick Adams (b. 1970, Baltimore, MD) and Barbara Earl Thomas (b. 1948, Seattle, WA) in a collaborative, multi-media installation developed from their shared dialogue about representation, Black identity, and practices of cultural resistance. 

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