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August 24, 2021

ArtSci Roundup: Elaine Cameron-Weir: STAR CLUB REDEMPTION BOOTH, Fossils Uncovered, and More

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Through September 12 | Henry Art Gallery

In her sculpture, Elaine Cameron-Weir (b. 1985, Red Deer, Canada) grapples with questions of individual and collective human survival, while also considering the potential for renewal and transformation in states of being and forms of knowledge. Her work is informed by belief systems that structure how people make sense and meaning of the world—from science and religion to the nation-state. Often repurposing objects with previous scientific, medical, or military functions, Cameron-Weir creates exquisitely assembled forms that conjure speculative uses or ritual applications in times past and future.
For her exhibition at the Henry Art Gallery, Cameron-Weir has created new work conceived in conversation with dynamic double-height volume of the museum’s lower level. At the center of the installation are two human-sized, metal cases—military equipment designed to transport bodily remains—that serve as counterweights to conveyor belts that rise up from the ground like suspended bodily stand-ins. Human vulnerability is a central theme across Cameron-Weir’s work and is particularly potent in the artist’s Henry exhibition, which is informed by the way social systems arbitrate the value of corporeal existence.

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Fossils Uncovered

Ongoing | Burke Museum

Earth’s 4.5 billion-year history is a continuing saga of dynamic change. Events from ice ages to splitting continents influenced what survived, how life evolved, and what went extinct.

In this ongoing exhibit at the Burke Museum, see the only real dinosaur fossils on display in Washington state (including one of the best-preserved T. rex skulls in the world), intricate plant fossils that document past patterns of climate change, colossal mammals that roamed Washington state during the last Ice Age, and more in the Fossils Uncovered gallery. Discover how fossils reveal evidence of Earth’s transformation over time—and what the future might hold.

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On Your Own Time

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Black Embodiments Studio Talk: Ilana Harris-Babou & Jessica Lynne in Conversation


What happens when we think about artists and critics as co-thinkers? As collaborators? How can the Black artist-critic relationship generate more ethical, just ways of producing knowledge in academic and arts institutions? This year, The Black Embodiments Studio is supporting creative alliances between Black artists and critics in order to intervene on the art world’s continual misreading of contemporary Black practices. In this conversation, Ilana Harris-Babou and critic Jessica Lynne reflect on the early stages of their work together, as Harris-Babou develops new material and Lynne begins writing on it. They invite us to consider the technical and conceptual labor of coming together around Black art, and the labor of not only imagining but producing environments where Black makers can feel the most critically and creatively expansive and supported.

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Mo Woods: Being the Change, Inneract Project


Maurice Woods, founder of Interact Project and Principal Designer at Microsoft, gives this lecture entitled “Being the Change, Inneract Project,” sponsored by the School of Art + Art History + Design.

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