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August 31, 2020

ArtSci Roundup: “From Ours to Alien: The Journey of Polish OBCY” lecture, MELTED RIOT: RGB performance, and more

During this time of uncertainty and isolation, find solace in digital opportunities to connect, share, and engage. Each week, we will share upcoming events that bring the UW, and the greater community, together online. 

Many of these online opportunities are streamed through Zoom. All UW faculty, staff, and students have access to Zoom Pro via UW-IT

Lecture: From Ours to Alien: The Journey of Polish OBCY

September 9, 7:00 – 8:30 PM | Online via Zoom

Join the Polish Studies Endowment for a lecture by Slavic Professor and Chair, Dr. Kat Dziwirek. Her presentation will trace the history of the Polish word obcy. Originally meaning common, joint, mutual, societal, collective, communal, or public, its meaning has changed over time and now signifies alien, foreign, or strange, despite the word retaining its original meaning in other Slavic languages. The lecture will introduce a hypothesis that the semantic shift of obcy was motivated by the emergence of the szlachta (noble) social class and its ethos of sobiepaństwo (self-mastery), which shifted Polish society from collectivist to (partially) individualistic.

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Coexisting with COVID-19: Are We There Yet?

September 10, 6:30 PM | Online

Welcome back! It’s been almost three months since the Office of Public Lectures’ last livestream and there’s been plenty of news about the global pandemic. In this episode, we’ll catch up with some of UW’s top experts who will update us on relevant advances and discoveries that may help us realize there is, in fact, a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. Featuring moderator Hanson Hosein and faculty guests Christopher Murray and Helen Chu.

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Performance: MELTED RIOT: RGB

September 12, 7:00 – 8:00 PM | Online via Zoom

Fox Whitney’s ongoing interdisciplinary performance and research project, MELTED RIOT, moves to the online photography and print collection of the Henry Art Gallery. RGB is the culmination of a weeklong investigation into works in the Henry’s collection, and the first of three live-streamed MELTED RIOT performances with the Henry. RGB is modeled after the RGB color process, by which colors are rendered on screen using combinations of red, blue, and green. The artworks selected for investigation and dialogue are inspired by this process, which will be actively contemplated during the event.

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Transforming Silence into Action: An Anti-Racism Learning Series for Communication & Marketing Professionals

September 8 – 22 | Online 

We are in the midst of a national reckoning with institutionalized anti-black racism in healthcare, policing, and industry. Across the country, politicians, business leaders, and everyday people are asking what it means to stand for Black lives. To do so requires committing ourselves beyond surface-level diversity and inclusion practices and digging deeper into what anti-racism can actually look like in our professional lives. The “Transforming Silence into Action” learning series is produced by the Communication Leadership graduate program and Simplicity Consulting in collaboration with Jodi-Ann Burey.

In this series, experts will share their insights and tactics for creating an anti-racist workplace in three areas:

  • Navigating racial microaggressions at work (Tuesday, September 8)
  • Building anti-racist practices in recruitment, hiring, and retention (Tuesday, September 15)
  • Building an anti-racist toolkit in marketing and communications (Tuesday, September 22)

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Strange Coupling

View at your leisure | Online

Strange Coupling has been a student-run tradition in the School of Art + Art History + Design since 2002. It brings together the UW and the greater Seattle art community by pairing students with professional artists for a collaborative art project of their choice. This year, Strange Coupling’s theme for the exhibition is Memory. Each of the works produced by this year’s couplings speak to memory — as a place or an experience, fragmented or weighty, out of touch or within reach.

Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair

August – September | Online

In an innovative show of collective effort, a group of over 40 Seattle art galleries, nonprofits, and art institutions have come together to reconstruct the traditional art fair with a community-led effort. Alum Greg Kucera, who sparked the idea for SDAF, and his colleagues did this not just for the support of our small businesses, but also for the artists in the community who have worked hard to create artwork for the official Seattle Art Fair that was canceled due to the pandemic. Its closure left a palpable void in the visual arts world, one which the Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair is filling.

To Hell Creek and Back: The Story of the Tufts-Love T. rex

View at your leisure | Online

A world of blistering heat and dirt, a biosphere where 20-foot-tall dinosaurs roamed. Home to cretaceous creatures that could rip apart their prey with 6-inch serrated teeth! Venture into this landscape to learn how a group of researchers and school teachers tracked down the elusive Tyrannosaurus Rex in the sweltering badlands on Montana. In this podcast collaboration between the Burke Musuem and Dig Field School, you’ll be on the ground in an active paleontological field research site examining fossils from millions of years ago. You’ll even discover out what it takes to bring a prized scientific discovery into the forefront of research.


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