UW News

April 15, 2020

Public notice: Determination of non-significance (Softball Performance Facility)

Pursuant to the provisions of WAC 197-11-340 and WAC 478-324-140, the University of Washington hereby provides public notice of: Determination of non-significance

Project Name: Softball Performance Facility

Proponent/Lead Agency: University of Washington — Seattle campus

Comment Period Closes: May 1, 2020

Description of Proposal: The proposed University of Washington Softball Performance Facility project is intended to create a new all-season indoor training facility for the university’s softball program that would provide enhanced opportunities for practice and training in close proximity to the existing softball stadium and locker rooms. The proposed one-story building would be approximately 22 feet tall and contain approximately 7,500 square feet of building space.

Location of Proposal: The project site is immediately adjacent and south of the Nordstrom Tennis Center, west of the Dempsey Indoor Center, and north across Snohomish Lane South from Husky Stadium.

Contact Person: Julie Blakeslee, Environmental and Land Use Planner, SEPA Responsible Official; Capital Planning & Development; Box 352205; Seattle, WA  98195-2205; jblakesl@uw.edu