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June 24, 2019

B-roll: Karen Fredriksen Goldsen and the GenPride Center

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The GenPride Center is the first and only multipurpose LGBTQ senior center in Seattle and King County. It was founded by Karen Fredriksen Goldsena University of Washington professor of social work, with the goal of combating social isolation experienced by many LGBTQ older adults.

Located on Capitol Hill and established with the help of Fredriksen Goldsen’s research, the GenPride Center provides classes, activities and services for LGBTQ seniors.

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For more information, contact UW News video producer Kiyomi Taguchi: ktaguchi@uw.edu or 206-543-2580.

B-roll description:

0:00 Exterior of Broadway Market, Capitol Hill, where GenPride is located.

0:11 Karen Fredriksen Goldsen at GenPride Center.

1:04 Staff and volunteers working.

1:27 Writing workshop and reading in GenPride Center space.

3:13 GenPride training workshop for the staff of Wallingford Senior Center, focusing on making LGBTQ elders feel welcome and comfortable. GenPride also offers LGBTQ cultural awareness training at residential senior facilities.

4:09 Yoga class hosted by TRIBE Fitness, located on Capitol Hill. They offer free yoga to LGBTQ elders twice a week.