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May 14, 2019

Provost announces new initiative to bolster Ph.D. student recruitment and support

UW News

The University of Washington today announced a new $5 million initiative to strengthen recruitment and support of Ph.D. students. Mark Richards, the university’s provost and executive vice president for academic affairs, introduced the effort during the Provost Town Hall this afternoon.

Mark Richards in front of brick building

Mark Richards, UW provost and executive vice president for academic affairs

“Ph.D. students are crucial to the UW’s excellence. They propel innovation and new knowledge, and push the boundaries of what is possible as students, as great teachers and role models for our undergraduates, and as invaluable research assistants and colleagues for our faculty,” Richards said. “Additional funding will help attract and retain outstanding students from around the world to continue this important work at the UW.”

Graduate education is part of the UW’s core mission, and graduate students play an essential role in the university’s success in research and academic excellence. However, the UW is behind peer institutions in providing institutional financial support for graduate programs, in particular for Ph.D. students.

The initiative will provide additional funding for Ph.D. fellowships, stipends, training, relocation costs and more. Deans and program managers will invest the money in resources that will best enhance the quality and competitiveness of graduate and research programs.

The funding comprises two components. First, the provost has allotted $3 million in institutional funds to be distributed to academic areas based on the average number of Ph.D. degrees conferred. Second, the provost has established a $2 million matching fund to incentivize major philanthropic support for Ph.D. students.

The initiative comes in the midst of the university’s most ambitious philanthropic campaign in its history, “Be Boundless — For Washington, For the World,” which aims to transform the lives of students and harness their ability to change the world.

There are 82 academic units that offer Ph.D. programs in 16 schools and colleges on the Seattle campus.

The initiative officially launches July 1, 2019.