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March 29, 2019

Soundbites: UW Quad cherry blossoms reach peak bloom

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The iconic cherry trees in the University of Washington’s Quad reached peak bloom March 29, and this weekend will be prime viewing to see the blossoms. Peak bloom is when at least 70 percent of the blossoms have emerged.

The amount of daylight and favorable temperatures are the two most important factors that determine bloom timing, said Sara Shores, UW arborist. If it stays cool, with little rain or wind, the blossoms could stay on the trees for as long as two or three weeks.
Peak bloom is about a week or two later than usual, probably because of the record-breaking snowstorm and cooler temperatures this winter, Shores said.

The 29 large cherry trees in the Quad are about 86 years old and healthy. A number of other cherry trees live across campus, but the species in the Quad, “Somei-yoshino,” usually blooms before the others each season. Each species has its own typical bloom time.

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