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January 2, 2019

Video: UW Husky football players mentor Seattle youth

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Husky football players, including Myles Gaskin and JoJo McIntosh, mentor teens each week as part of a program hosted by the Yesler Community Center in Seattle. They share their experiences and stories over a meal, and have a discussion on different topics each week with Seattle-area middle and high school students.

“We talk about just growing up, life, and how to get by and how to be successful,” said McIntosh.

“I think it’s really helpful because I was a young dude once just like everybody else, and I had a big brother,” said Gaskin. “He walked me every step of the way through everything I did, and it made me the man I am today.”

The 4C mentoring program aims to offer vulnerable young people role models in their community to create friendships, provide constructive guidance and encourage them to meet their goals in school and in life.