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April 12, 2017

Undergraduate Theater Society unleashes ‘Wolves’ April 13-23

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Actors in the Undergraduate Theater Society's production of "Wolves," April 13-23 in the Cabaret Theater of Hutchinson Hall. In back, from left, are Colin Kolbus, Willy Picton and Andrew Forest; in front is Ashley Lobao.

Actors in the Undergraduate Theater Society’s production of “Wolves.” In back, from left, are Colin Kolbus, Willy Picton and Andrew Forest; in front is Ashley Lobao.Undergraduate Theater Society

The story of Little Red Riding Hood takes on a new dimension in the UW Undergraduate Theater Society’s new production, “Wolves,” by Steve Yockey, running April 13 to 23 in the Cabaret Theater in Hutchinson Hall, home of the School of Drama.

The tale is described as a darkly comic “deconstruction” of the Little Red Riding Hood story — ” a predatory fairy tale for adults that explores the conflation of sex and fear in modern culture, the comfort of lava lamps, and the dangers of a handy axe.”

The four-character one-act play’s notes on Amazon state, “In ‘Wolves,’ two men’s folie a deux overtakes their small apartment and spills out onto the city streets. When ex-boyfriend Jack brings a strange man home to his woodland-obsessed Ben’s apartment, the Narrator can barely keep a lid on the looming violence.”

A review of a 2013 Los Angeles production of “Wolves” said Yockey’s script is “unapologetically sinister in its wickedness.”

“Wolves” is directed by Jake Lemberg, a junior in drama performance and economics, who calls the production “an 80-minute breathtaking sprint through the lives of three queer men struggling with loneliness and drastically different realities.”

Lemberg added, “Each scene will leave you feeling less secure than the last, and by the end, you may find yourselves inching farther away from the stranger sitting next to you.”

Tickets to “Wolves” are $5-$10. All shows are at 8 p.m.