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November 22, 2016

UW has 29 faculty on list of ‘highly cited researchers’ for 2016

Twenty-nine University of Washington faculty members are among a list of the year’s most highly cited researchers in the natural and social sciences.

The “Highly Cited Researchers” for 2016 was released Nov. 16 by Clarivate Analytics — formerly the Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters. The list recognizes approximately 3,000 researchers whose peer-reviewed papers and manuscripts have been cited frequently in academic literature.

“This is an exciting acknowledgment of the excellence of our faculty and the significant impact of groundbreaking research being carried out at the UW,” said Mary Lidstrom, vice provost for research. “This honor also speaks to the quality of our postdocs and graduate students engaged in this research.”

The list of researchers began as a list of highly cited papers. Clarivate Analytics and Thomson Reuters searched for the top 1 percent of papers most frequently cited between 2004 and 2014 from among 22 broad disciplines in the natural and social sciences. This list included 128,887 papers whose authors are the highly cited researchers for 2016.

Thomson Reuters has used analyses of citation frequency and other metrics to assemble lists of the world’s most “highly influential” scientific minds.

“We congratulate the scientists from UW Medicine and the UW at large on this recognition of their research achievements and the significance of their findings. The University of Washington continues to be an exceptional research institution, and these individuals exemplify that excellence,” said Sheila Lukehart, associate dean for research and graduate education at the UW School of Medicine.

Here is the full list of the 29 UW faculty members and their general research fields as classified by Thomson Reuters:

Scott Anderson, for space science: Department of Astronomy
Bruce Avolio, for economics and business: Department of Management and Organization
David Baker, for biology and biochemistry: Department of Biochemistry
Guozhong Cao, for materials science: Department of Materials Science & Engineering
William Catterall, for pharmacology and toxicology: Department of Pharmacology
Jiun-Haw Chu, for physics: Department of Physics
John Crowley, for clinical medicine: Department of Biostatistics
Evan Eichler, for molecular biology and genetics: Department of Genome Sciences
Michael Gale, for microbiology: Department of Immunology
Allan Hoffman, for pharmacology and toxicology: Department of Bioengineering
Željko Ivezić, for space science: Department of Astronomy
Alex Jen, for materials science: Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Samson Jenekhe, for materials science: Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemistry
Ian Joughin, for geoscience: Applied Physics Laboratory
Katie McLaughlin, for psychiatry and psychology: Department of Psychology
Thomas Montine, for neuroscience and behavior: Department of Pathology
Christopher Murray, for clinical medicine: Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Department of Global Health
Mohsen Naghavi, for clinical medicine: Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Department of Global Health
Graham Nichol, for clinical medicine: Department of Medicine
William Noble, for computer science: Department of Genome Sciences, Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Mohamed Oukka, for immunology: Department of Pediatrics
Ross Prentice, for general social sciences: Department of Biostatistics
Bruce Psaty, for molecular biology and genetics: Department of Medicine, Department of Epidemiology
Brian Saelens, for general social sciences: Department of Pediatrics, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Jay Shendure, for both biology and biochemistry as well as molecular biology and genetics: Department of Genome Sciences
John Stamatoyannopoulos, for molecular biology and genetics: Department of Genome Sciences, Department of Medicine
Piper Treuting, for immunology: Department of Comparative Medicine
Judit Villen, for biology and biochemistry: Department of Genome Sciences
Miqin Zhang, for pharmacology and toxicology: Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Oukka has a joint appointment with the Seattle Children’s Research Institute, while Prentice is also a faculty member at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. In addition, Clarivate Analytics recognized one affiliate UW faculty member, the Benaroya Research Institute’s Steven Ziegler, for immunology.

Clarivate Analytics was formed as an independent company earlier in 2016 when Onex Corporation and Baring Private Equity Asia acquired the Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Science business and its brands.