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November 17, 2015

Availability of Final Environmental Impact Statement: North Campus Student Housing Project

Project Name: North Campus Student Housing Project

Proponent: University of Washington

Description of Proposal: The proposed North Campus Student Housing Project represents Phase IV of development identified in the Comprehensive Housing Master Program and would include the replacement of McCarty and Haggett Halls with four new student residence halls, as well as the development of one new student resident hall on the site of the existing tennis courts surrounding Denny Field. Hansee Hall and McMahon Hall would remain in their current location and no changes to these buildings would occur as part of the project. Approximately 2,942 student beds, residential community spaces, new open space improvements, regional amenity spaces and parking would be provided as part of the project. The project would provide an increase of approximately 1.366 student beds when compared to the existing North Campus housing capacity.

Location: The approximately 12.6-acre proposed North Campus Student Housing Project Site, which includes Development Sites 7C. 8C. and 7lC (Seattle Campus Master Plan 2003). is located on the north edge of the Central Campus of the University of Washington and is generally bounded by vegetated areas and NE 45 t5 Street to the north: vegetated areas, the North Physics Laboratory. University Parking Area Nl2. and Pend Oreille Road to the east: N’IcMahon Hall. and the Intellectual House to the south; and. Hansee Hall, Hutchinson Hall. Lewis Hall, Klickitat Lane. the Hughes Penthouse Theater and the IMA Archery Field to the west.

Lead Agency: University of Washington

Copies Available: A limited number of copies are available while supplies last at the Capital Projects Office, University of Washington, Box 352205, University Facilities, Seattle, WA 98105. Additional copies may be obtained for the cost of copying. CDs are available at no charge.

The document is also available at https://cpo.uw.edu/uw-seattle.


Responsible official and contact person: Jan Arntz

Send comments in writing or by email to:
Jan Arntz
Environmental and Land Use Compliance Officer
Capital Planning and Development
University of Washington, Box 352205
Seattle, WA 98107 (Telephone 206.543.5200)