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March 4, 2015

Arts Roundup: Music, drama — and the Dance Majors Concerts

From drama to dance to dinosaurs, it’s an exciting week in the arts. The School of Drama’s production of “The Hostage” continues, the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture presents Dino Day and the School of Music offers a plethora of performances including Music from the Great War and Studio Jazz and Modern Bands.

Also this week, the UW Dance Program kicks off its annual Dance Majors Concert. Due to the large number of choreographers and dancers, the program is divided into two different concerts, each presented on separate nights.

Dino Day

Dino Day, March 7, Burke Museum.

Lecture: “Dancing Guinea Pigs and a Heroic Rottweiler: Animals, Culture, and Politics”
7 p.m., March 6 | Henry Art Gallery
Animals occupy a paradoxical place in the world: They are everywhere, yet hidden. This lecture explores the histories, politics and cultural dynamics of how humans see and do not see animals in the world. Speakers include Comparative History of Ideas Chair María Elena García and Jackson School of International Studies Associate Professor Tony Lucero. More info.

“How Do We Know What We Know About Dinosaurs?”
7 p.m., March 6 | 130 Kane Hall
In this Burke Museum lecture, Mary Schweitzer, professor of biology at North Carolina State University, explores how paleontologists answer questions about dinosaurs. Were they warm- or cold-blooded? What did they eat and how fast did they grow? Did they take care of their babies? Join us and find out how we can know so much about animals no human has ever seen. More info.

Dino Day
10 a.m., March 7 | Burke Museum
Crack the prehistoric case to discover what information paleontologists can find out about dinosaurs through their poop, teeth, bones, and more. Also talk to Burke paleontologists about their latest find — the 10-foot-long legs of the duck-billed dino ”Edmontosaurus”— which are on display for the first time. More info.

“51 Days”
Through March 7 | Sand Point Gallery
Students in this quarter’s Interdisciplinary Visual Arts capstone class led by Professor Curt Labitzke present their work in a group show. More info.

Dance Majors Concert

Dance Majors Concert, March 4-8, Meany Hall.

Dance Majors Concert A & B
March 4-8 | Meany Studio Theater
UW Dance Majors express their creative voices through choreography, production and design. These innovative young artists revel in creating original work, and in celebrating master choreographers from the past and present.  More info on Dance Majors Concert A and Concert B.

Mark Morris Dance Group
8 p.m., March 5-7 | Meany Theater
Returning to Meany Hall for the first time in nearly a decade, the Mark Morris Dance Group has enthralled critics, dance enthusiasts and novices alike with its technical expertise, unique artistry and signature use of live music. More info.

ArtVenture with Jessixa Bagley
2 p.m., March 8 | Henry Art Gallery
Join Bagley, author and illustrator of children’s books, for an exploration of the stories and books included in the Henry Art Gallery exhibition, “Ann Hamilton: the common S E N S E.” More info.

Music from the Great War
4 p.m., March 8 | Brechemin Auditorium
This series, produced by piano Professor Robin McCabe in honor of the 100-year anniversary of the start of World War I, features music composed during the Great War, with historical context offered in commentary and narration. Pre-concert lecture by professor Ronald Moore from the Department of Philosophy. More info.

"Cabaret," through March 8, presented by the Undergraduate Theater Society

“Cabaret,” through March 8, presented by the Undergraduate Theater Society.Johnny Valencia

Through March 8 | Cabaret Theater, Hutchinson Hall
The Undergraduate Theater Society presents this classic musical based on a book written by Christopher Isherwood, with music by John Kander and lyrics by Fred Ebb. More info.

Studio Jazz and Modern Band
7:30 p.m., March 9 | Meany Hall
The Studio Jazz Ensemble performs big band arrangements and repertory selections. The Modern Band performs innovative arrangements of jazz standards, selections from the outer limits of the genre, and new original compositions. More info.

Prized: Dreams and Fancies
7:30 p.m., March 10 | Meany Hall
The Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band perform works by prize-winning composers, including “Arctic Dreams” by Michael Colgrass and “San Antonio” by John Harbison. Faculty artist Michael Brockman, saxophone, is guest soloist. More info.

Chamber Singers and University Chorale
7:30 p.m., March 11 | Meany Theater
The elite UW choirs present their Winter Quarter concert. More info.

Meet the Artists Series: Lou-Ann Ika’wega Neel
7 p.m., March 11 | Burke Museum
Meet artist Neel from the Burke’s current exhibition, “Here & Now: Native Artists Inspired.” The evening includes a reception with refreshments, an informal gallery tour, reflection on current art practice and interests, and a Q&A session. More info.

Olga Kern, March 8, Meany Hall.

Olga Kern, March 12, Meany Hall.

Olga Kern
7:30 p.m., March 12 | Meany Hall
Recognized as one of her generation’s great pianists, Kern was born into a family of musicians with direct links to Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff. With her vivid stage presence, confident musicianship and technique, the young Russian pianist continues to captivate fans and critics alike. More info.

“The Hostage”
Through March 15 | Jones Playhouse
Directed by third-year Master of Fine Art directing candidate Tina Polzin, this School of Drama production masks topical politics and serious discourse with slapstick, satire and musical numbers. More info.

Critical Issues in Contemporary Art Public Lecture Series
7 p.m., March 12 | Henry Art Gallery Auditorium
The Division of Art within the School of Art + Art History + Design hosts the final lecture in its annual public lecture series at the Henry Art Gallery. Speakers include artists Liz Craft and Pentti Monkkonen from Los Angeles. More info.