UW News

July 11, 2014

University of Washington sees record-breaking fundraising in 2013-14

Donors contributed more money to the University of Washington in the 2013-14 fiscal year than any previous year in its history, President Michael K. Young told the Board of Regents on Thursday. A record-breaking total of $482,452,318 in private support was given by more than 100,000 donors, topping the previous fiscal year’s total by nearly $144 million.

“The amount of private support the UW received this past year is a strong testament to the commitment that our donors — and the community — have to this institution and particularly the work our faculty do to make it such an extraordinary place,” said Young. “The generosity of gifts — at every level — will have a tremendous impact on the success of our students, faculty, and programs across the entire university, programs that improve lives here in the state of Washington and around the globe.”

Private fundraising does not replace the university’s core education funding from state appropriations and tuition, but significantly enhances its ability to serve students, support research and make the UW a world-class university.

Contributions of various sizes from 108,696 donors helped the UW reach the new high, with more than 40,000 of them giving $99 or less. Private and family foundations contributed $117 million to support research grants, faculty, students and programs — marking the second time UW has received more than $100 million in corporate and foundation donations.

A historic $56 million estate gift to the School of Law in September from late local philanthropist Jack MacDonald was the largest in the law school’s 114-year history and the largest estate gift to come to the UW. The annual income from the trust will support faculty, programs and student scholarships in perpetuity.

Other fundraising highlights include $161,690,171 to UW Medicine, $36,455,596 to the School of Public Health, $43,138,395 to the College of Engineering, and $37,409,494 to Intercollegiate Athletics, most of which are payments on pledges made to help renovate Husky Stadium.

“This is a tremendous vote of confidence our supporters have given this university,” said Connie Kravas, UW Vice President for Advancement. “That we received $144 million more than we ever have is beyond all expectations. And to think about the impact that every single gift will have — from helping a student pay for college or giving faculty the tools they need to prepare our students for life beyond the UW, to supporting research that can change lives for the better — it’s really awe inspiring.”

Top corporate and foundation donors:

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
  • The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
  • Jack McDonald Estate