Welcome New Huskies

2020 Virtual International Husky Send-offs

Join your fellow new huskies online this summer to celebrate and get ready for fall quarter!

Welcome to the University of Washington! Join in the festivities as current UW students, alumni, staff and parents wish new Huskies well before they leave for the UW. The 2020 International Husky Send-offs will be held virtually this summer in regions around the world. These sessions and activities will guide you through the first steps of college, introduce you to campus resources, and connect you with each other. Each Send-off is facilitated by current UW students in coordination with staff from UW CIRCLE.

All 2020 Send-offs will be held on Zoom, a free online video meeting platform. Zoom is widely used at the UW and will be the platform you would use to participate in Advising & Orientation. After you register for a Send-off session below, you will receive a confirmation link. Please note that you will need to download Zoom to your computer or cell phone and create an account before you can join the meeting. To learn more about Zoom and how to download it, click the “Zoom Step-by-Step Instructions” section on this page.

If your country or region is not listed here, consider attending a session below based on your time zone and language.

NOTE: All times are region specific. Make sure to take note when registering for the event.

South Korea

Date:  Saturday, July 4

Time: 1-4PM KST

Registration link

Zoom meeting ID: 978 6978 1027

Languages available: Korean & English


Date:  Saturday, July 4

Time: 1-3PM JST

Registration link

Zoom meeting ID: 939 4777 3943

Languages available: Japanese & English


Date:  Saturday, July 4

Time: 7-10PM IST

Registration link

Zoom meeting ID: 965 0508 7871

Languages available: English & Hindi


Date:  Saturday, July 4

Time: 6-9PM CEST

Registration link

Zoom meeting ID: 912 6210 1995

Languages available: English


Date:  Saturday, July 11

Time: 9-11:30AM WIB

Registration link

Zoom meeting ID: 991 0106 9748

Languages available: English & Hindi


Date:  Saturday, July 11

Time: 1:30-4:30PM CST

Registration link

Zoom meeting ID: 948 8764 4128

Languages available: Mandarin & English

Latin America

Date:  Saturday, July 11

Time: 1-4PM CDT

Registration link

Zoom meeting ID: 922 9361 0490

Languages available: English & Spanish

Hong Kong

Date:  Wednesday, July 15

Time: 12:30-3PM HKT

Registration link

Zoom meeting ID: 954 4778 0683

Languages available: Cantonese & English


Date: Saturday, July 18

Time: 1-3:30PM SGT

Registration link

Zoom meeting ID: 969 6090 0862

Languages available: English


Date:  Saturday, July 18

Time: 1:30-4:30PM ICT

Registration link

Zoom meeting ID: 995 4966 2568

Languages available: Thai

Mainland China by Husky Help Organization

Date:  Saturday, June 27

Time: 10AM-1PM CST

Registration link

Learn more about HHO in-person Send-offs in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Languages available: Mandarin

Mainland China by Chinese Student and Scholar Association

Date:  Saturday, August 1

Time: 9-11PM CST

Registration link

Zoom meeting ID: 559 621 9093

Visit CSSA New Husky Guide to learn more about in-person send-offs in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen

Languages available: Mandarin