Museology Master of Arts Program


November 20, 2019

Illuminating Nature: Designing a Wayside Exhibit to Promote Public Engagement in Trillium Community Forest

Project by Mica Low (2018)

Documenting Fossil Preparation in the Third Dimension: 3D Scanning and Printing the Tufts-Love T. rex Skull

Project by Alaria Longstaff (2018)

“Not really so primitive as one might be led to believe”: Interpreting Early Seattle Dress

Project by Elizabeth Korsmo (2018)

November 13, 2019

Burke at Work: Illuminating Use and Value of Natural History Collections

Project by Sarah Winkowski (2019)

“Engaging Community through Native Plant Gardens at Small Heritage Museums:” Creating an Interpretive Plan for the Log House Museum Native Plant Garden

Project by Valerie Roberts (2019)

A Digital Collections Plan for the Southwest Seattle Historical Society

Project by Rachel Regelein (2019)

Engaging New Audiences through Community-Sourced Curation: Curating Hero’s Feast

Project by Allison Moore (2019)

“Between Time and Memory Creating a Dementia Programming Toolkit for the Museum of Flight for the exhibit Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission”

Project by Kristy Kaku (2019)

Preserving Voices: Creating Custom Metadata for Oral Histories

Project by Tory Feeney (2019)

Capability: A Meditation on Gun Culture and Gun Violence in the United States

Project by Maggie DeFranco (2019)

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