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Designing and Deploying an Open Source Exhibit Kiosk

Project Thesis by Dillon Connelly

Many museums are exploring the use of open source software and hardware in their collections, exhibits, and education work. However, there are few resources designed to aid museum workers in utilizing these technologies without extensive coding knowledge. This project presents a toolkit containing the open source software and hardware designs necessary to build an interactive exhibit kiosk, complete with 13 customizable activity templates. A prototype kiosk was designed for use in the BurkeMobile pop-up museum program at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle, WA. Informational seminars and demonstration sessions provided feedback on the project as well and qualitative data on interest in and barriers to deploying open source technologies at museums and similar institutions.


Connelly, D. (2020). Designing and Deploying an Open Source Exhibit Kiosk. [Unpublished master’s project]. University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.


Toolkit, Open source software, Exhibit, Kisok