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By the Numbers: The Diverse Theses of the Class of 2020

Recently, our second-year students delivered short presentations on their thesis work for their peers and faculty, providing a glimpse into the awesome variety of research and projects our graduating students are undertaking.  Not only do these presentations give insight into the breadth of topics our students undertake, but also showcases the tremendous work students has already undertaken in arriving at their research questions, narrowing their project scope, and re-thinking their data collection amidst a global pandemic (something we as staff and faculty are incredibly impressed with). For second-year students, this offers the opportunity to organize their thoughts and practice explaining their work to others in preparation for their defenses.

Museology 2020 theses numbers

Our students’ theses are as vibrant, diverse, and engaging as they are.  As the strain of the ongoing crisis illuminates the inequalities still entrenched in society, we are pleased to report that many of our students’ thesis work is dedicated to issues of social justice, equity, and decolonization.  Still others examined how museums can address issues relating to the climate and environment.  Some students are writing their theses on the role of museums in health and wellness, a role that will no doubt expand as our society grapples with the stresses of illness and isolation.  Furthermore, as museums continue to assess and re-imagine their role in the lives of their communities, it is exciting to see several of our students working on studies and projects relating to education, learning, and interpretation in museums.  A few of our students have even designed exhibits as their thesis projects, some needing to adapt to virtual exhibits on the drop of a hat! 

This brief description cannot fully show the versatility of our students nor the variety of their work.  We were so excited to hear from each of them about their work so far, and we are equally excited to see the results as they begin defending in May.  If you would like to keep up to date with when our students are defending and how to access their work, fill out this form.