Museology Master of Arts Program


June 12, 2015

Audio elements: Understanding current uses of sound in museum exhibits

Thesis by Jeremy Beliveau (2015)

Trailblazing the Concrete Jungle: Museums Utilizing Interpretive Nature Trails in Urban Communities

Thesis by Jimi Hightower (2015)

Emotions at Play: Assessing Emotional Responses of Teenagers After They Play “Papers, Please”

Thesis by Anna Lopez (2015)

Location Aware: Museum Mobile Applications as an Interpretive Tool

Thesis by Lauren Messenger (2015)

Evidences of Learning in an Art Museum Makerspace

Thesis by Amy Oates (2015)

Rocking the boat: Exhibition methods of storytelling the experience of gender & sexuality in museums

Thesis by Sarah Elizabeth Olivo (2015)

Interpretive Planners and Institutional Change in Art Museums

Thesis by Hannah Ridenour (2015)

Food For Thought: Assessing Visitor Comfort and Attitudes toward Carcass Feeding at the ABQ BioParkZoo

Thesis by Ellen Roth (2015)

Art Museums, School Visits and Critical Thinking: A Case Study of Programmatic Strategies

Thesis by Beth Smith (2015)

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