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Long-Term Impacts of a Museum School Experience on Science Identity

Thesis by Catherine Scharon (2016)

While museum schools have proliferated over the past quarter century, little research has examined the outcomes of these formal-informal partnerships. This study investigated the long-term impacts of a museum school experience on alumni of Raisbeck Aviation High School and the Museum of Flight (Seattle) and Science Leadership Academy and The Franklin Institute (Philadelphia) using science identity as a theoretical lens. In retrospective interviews, alumni reported having and enacting a science identity and attributed several important indicators to memorable experiences at the museums. Participants placed particular value on the museums’ tangible learning experiences, real-world connections, and access to professional networks. These results support the learning value of intensive museum school partnerships and suggest potential directions for future research.


Keywords: schools, research, partnerships, science identity, science education, learning, long-term, museum schools, museum-school partnerships, informal science education, project-based learning, education


Scharon, C. J. (2016). Long-term impacts of a museum school experience on science identity. (Order No. 10138773). Available from Dissertations & Theses @ University of Washington WCLP; ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. (1804406317). Retrieved from