Museology Master of Arts Program

Communication and the Arts

November 20, 2019

The Bully Pulpit on Display: How Presidential Libraries Present Presidential History

Thesis by Becky Forsberg (2018)

Cultivating Creativity: Understanding Visitor Perceptions of Creativity in Art Museum Exhibits

Thesis by Jenny Fisher (2018)

Good Vibes, Interesting History: Teen Programs in Museums

Thesis by Kate Dugdale (2018)

Visitor Perceptions of Augmented Reality in Science Museums

Thesis by Benjamin Dudzik (2018)

“An Immersive Journey:” Analyzing the Use of Survivor Testimony in Holocaust Museums

Thesis by Sydney Dratel (2018)

Do It Off Broadway: Exploring the Politics of Diversity and Inclusion in Museums Through Risk, Advocacy, and Queer Experience

Thesis by Grayson Dirk (2018)

November 14, 2019

Youth Self–Efficacy & the Art Museum Open Studio

Thesis by Emma Cantrell (2018)

Exploring Characteristics of Family Engagement Strategies Implemented Within Art Museum Exhibitions

Thesis by Claire Bennett (2018)

“Pass the Mic”: Perceptions of Museum-Community Collaborative Exhibit Development

Thesis by Theresa Ball (2018)

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