Museology Master of Arts Program

Communication and the Arts

November 20, 2019

Visitor Trust When Museums Are Not Neutral

Thesis by Catherine Wood (2018)

From Exhibit to Action: The Impact of Museum Experiences on Visitors’ Social Justice Actions

Thesis by Eileen Tomczuk (2018)

Culturally-Specific Museums: Who Are They For? Translating Missions to Messages

Thesis by Momo Sakai (2018)

“Remember When We…?”: Personal Memory in Family Visits to History Museums

Thesis by Abby Rhineheart (2018)

Understanding Visitor Happiness in Museums

Thesis by Nicole Reed (2018)

Finding Clarity in Collaboration: Practitioner Perspectives of Collaborative Exhibition Development

Thesis by Caitlin Mosher (2018)

The Collections Connection: Understanding the Attitudes of Participants in Behind-the-Scenes Museum Tours

Thesis by Morgan McGee (2018)

Hablemos de Arte: Bilingual Spanish/English Family Programs in Art Museums

Thesis by Pamela Maldonado (2018)

Articulating Loss: Quantifying Skeletal Incompleteness in Natural History Collections

Thesis by Alaina Harmon (2018)

STEM Programs for Girls: Making Them Last

Thesis by Andrea Gagnon (2018)

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