Museology Master of Arts Program

Class of 2017

November 21, 2019

Differential Concerns: Perceived Benefits and Barriers to Visitation from the Mental Models of Museum Visitors and Non-Visitors

Thesis by Garrett K. Mercier (2017)

Youth Perspectives on the Impact of Museum Programs on Self-Efficacy

Thesis by Melisa A. McChesney (2017)

Building Human Stories: Understanding the Role of Objects in Designing Authentic Experiences for Visitors to Living History Museums

Thesis by Marina H. Mayne (2017)

Examining Children’s Historical Thinking in Hands-On History Spaces

Thesis by Megan A. Martinko (2017)

Making Technology Work for the Museum: Using Machines to Cut Ethafoam Storage Containers

Project by Meredith Blair Martin (2017)

November 20, 2019

Redefining and “Re-presenting” Native American Collections and Curatorial Practice

Thesis by Shannon R. Kopelva (2017)

Preserving the Past Together: Cultural Resource Management, Collections Management Professionals, and the Accessibility of Archaeological Collections

Cameo E. Kale (2017)

Talking with Tweets: An Exploration of Museums’ Use of Twitter for Two-Way Engagement

Thesis by Sydney Jaramillo (2017)

Understanding Accessibility at the Seattle Art Museum

Project by Rebecca L. Janssen (2017)

Responding to Funding Cuts as a Government-funded Museum

Thesis by Shuhang He (2017)

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