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Kevin Glatt

Graduate Advisor


What inspires meKevin Glatt

I’m inspired by experiences that: expand, complexify, beautify, and complicate my worldview; enhance my sense of interconnection with the rest of the universe; and suggest ways in which I might live more meaningfully. While I have been, and continue to be, inspired by my experiences as a museum visitor, I am more inspired by the people working in/through/on/around museums to bring to life new possibilities for our collective flourishing.


I love learning, and I’m lucky to have made a living learning about learning! I’ve worked as an educator in a wide range of settings and roles, including as a middle school STEAM teacher, museum field trip educator, and academic tutor. During my time as a Museology student from 2020 to 2022, I focused on more collective forms of learning through coursework and projects in collaborative and human-centered design, research and evaluation, and sociocultural and systems-oriented theories of learning. I am thrilled to be able to apply, deepen, and broaden my interests, experience, and understandings related to learning as Museology’s Graduate Advisor.