Museology Master of Arts Program

Students’ Theses

June 10, 2016

Collections Management for an All-Volunteer Organization

Master’s Project by Victoria Dennis (2016)

Curating Secrets Can…Exploring the Potential for Interactive and Emotional Exhibits

Master’s Project by Rebecca Fronczak (2016)

Warts and All: The Representation and Interpretation of War in Museums

Thesis by Rebecca Harmsen (2016)

Creating Discomfort: Exploring the Use of Emotional Immersive Experiences to Address Social Issues in Museums

Thesis by Jeanmarie Hayes (2016)

Collaborative Change: A Survey of Collaborations in Museums to Address Social Issues

Thesis by Calie Holden (2016)

Exhibiting Community: Using Collected Interviews in a Small Interactive Exhibit

Master’s Project by Christina Januszewski (2016)

Play On: The Importance of Adult-Only Play Events at Children’s Museums

Thesis by Kelley Devon (2016)

Saving Space: Exhibit Design in Small Spaces

Master’s Project by Peter Kleinpass (2016)

Big Data Development: A Tool for Interpreting Institutional Impact

Thesis by Michelle Reichelt (2016)

The Impact of Socially Conscious Art Exhibitions: A Case Study of Art AIDS America

Thesis by Kacey Lewis (2016)

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