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The Intersection of Museums and Social Justice

Thesis by Blake H. Filo (2017)

The purpose of this study was to understand the intersection of museums and social justice. The research was a qualitative study using the data from six interviews from museum professionals who are recognized leaders in advocacy for social justice in museums. Findings include the range of ways social justice is defined and perceived and the current status of the work of social justice. One strong theme was the shared recommendation that there is a need to evaluate the internal practices within the museum field before social justice can be properly addressed externally. The study also found that the museum space and narrative are key components in addressing social justice. It is hoped that this study will help move the conversation forward on the intersection between social justice and museums.

Keywords: Class of 2017, museum, museum studies, museology, research, social justice, museums, social change


Filo, B., & Morrissey, Kris. (2017). Museums and social justice : Creating the intersection.  [University of Washington Libraries].