Museology Master of Arts Program

April 29, 2019

Count your theses: 31 ways our students are helping us improve our practice

Every year, in the first few weeks of spring quarter, our second-year students pull themselves out of the writing, data collecting, project planning, and analysis to share their thesis work in five minute lightning-style presentations. These thesis preview presentations are a chance for first-year students, staff and faculty to get an early indication of what they have learned at this point in their research or projects. It’s also an opportunity to see the breadth and depth of topics our students cover each year, and the range of impacts their work may have across the museum field.

The range of thesis topics our students cover each year is inspiring, not only for the incredible amount of passion and hard work students have put into their theses, but also for the potential we see in each student to have a positive impact in their future careers.

Here’s a breakdown of what students are working on this year:

2019 Thesis preview numbers

We’re so proud of the contributions that Museology students make to the field each year through their theses. Be sure to check out our website if you want to learn more about the kinds of thesis studies and projects Museology students have done in the past!