Emergency Aid

We understand life can be unpredictable. Unplanned and unexpected costs can cause significant stress and impact academic success and personal well-being. That’s why the three campuses of the University of Washington have Emergency Aid assistance to support currently enrolled UW students. 

Emergency Aid funding assists UW students by providing financial support when assistance is needed with unexpected, unavoidable, and unplanned expenses surrounding situations such as accidents, illness, fire/water damage, or a need for emergency housing and food.   

Possible expenses that can be considered for emergency aid assistance include: 

  • Food security 
  • Emergency medical/dental costs 
  • Emergency/Temporary Housing and living expenses 
  • Family emergencies 
  • Natural disasters 

This list is not all inclusive. If the reason you are seeking funds is not listed, you can still submit an Emergency Aid Request for consideration. 

Examples of expenses not covered; 

  • Tuition, fees, study abroad costs 
  • Regular anticipated fixed expenses, such as rent 
  • Parking tickets 
  • Non-emergency travel 
  • Other non-essential or anticipated expenses 

Aid may come in a variety of forms, including grants, loans and/or campus and community resources.   

What can I do if my income or my family’s income has changed? 

If you are experiencing a change in your or your family’s income, please let us know by providing additional information about your situation. You can do so by submitting one of the following forms: 

Change in Financial Situation – Student 

Change in Financial Situation – Parent 

Phishing emails are being received regarding CARES funding, do not provide personal information like your Social Security number or bank account information. You should only provide or update personal information through MyUW. The UW will use the information you have provided in MyUW to communicate with you or disburse aid to you.

For more information regarding phishing scams, click here.

Learn more about emergency aid resources on each campus: