Emergency Aid

On-campus resources

Office of Student Financial Aid
The Office of Student Financial Aid has counselors available to speak with you about aid options, including grants, loans, scholarships, and general guidance for money management.

Diversity Center
The Diversity Center is a place for student diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts with the goal of building community, supporting students, and educating all.

Husky Pantry
The Husky Pantry provides students with food assistance and is located in the Husky Village Community Center and the Student Diversity Center. Use is anonymous and can be accessed by UWB students.

Counseling Center
The UWB Counseling Center provides many services to support students in stressful and emotionally difficult situations. Crisis appointments and individual/group/couples counseling are available to enrolled UWB students.

Short Term Loans
The Office of Student Financial Aid has short term loan funds available to students who are experiencing temporary cash flow issues. You may receive up to $2500 or $3200 for undergraduates and graduate students, respectively.

More on-campus resources

Check with your department or major advisors
Some offices have existing support funds already in place. Check with an advisor to see if yours does.


Off-campus resources

Community Resources by UW SafeCampus
Cedar Park Northshore Food Bank
Maltby Food Bank
New Bethlehem Project
YWCA Pathways for Women