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Troubleshooting Faculty Searches: A Focused Discussion on DEI Statements and Known Applicants

UW ADVANCE and the OFFICE FOR FACULTY ADVANCEMENT partnered to offer a Spring Webinar on troubleshooting faculty searches.

This event was intended for anyone who is leading a unit that is hiring, chairing a search committee, or serving on a search committee.

The webinar focuses on two common challenges: assessing DEI statements and evaluating known candidates.  How units navigate these challenges during the faculty search process can have either positive or negative impacts on their culture.  This webinar explores questions like: What preparatory work should units and search committees do to address potential challenges? How should DEI statements be assessed? What is the potential role of the DEI statement in the assessment process? How should conflicts of interest be defined and managed? What are effective strategies for evaluating known candidates?  By planning for the possibility of encountering challenges like these, units can more successfully navigate the assessment and decision-making process and positively affect their culture.


  • Chadwick Allen, Office for Faculty Advancement
  • Joyce Yen, UW ADVANCE Center for Institutional Change

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